New book featuring Lionel 'Buster' Crabb by ex-RN Diver

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    Sydney Knowles[/align]

    Sydney Knowles BEM, who now lives in Spain, performed clearance diving operations with Cdr Lionel 'Buster' Crabb OBE, GM, RNVR at Gibraltar and elsewhere in the Mediterranean during the Second World War. He also dived with Lionel Crabb in particularly interesting circumstances after the war. Sydney has now written an account of his experiences called 'A Diver in the Dark'.

    Sydney Knowles in 1950[/align]

    The order form for Sydney's book, published by Woodfield, can be downloaded here and some background and excerpts can be seen on this website.

    Before anyone asks, no, I am not on commission but I do happen to know Sydney and, as most on here know, I have a keen interest in this subject.
  2. The 1958 film 'The Silent Enemy', about Crabbe's diving exploits in Gib, with Sid James as an old and bold CPO is worth watching. Not only is it a good dit, but evokes memories of the Gib of old. This could be the first book I've bought myself in years.
  3. In 'The Silent Enemy', Sid James played CPO Ralph Thorpe and Laurence Harvey played Crabb as a Lt. LS Sydney 'Oz' Knowles was played by Michael Craig.

    The Underwater Working Party (UWP) led by Crabb at Gibraltar had been formed by the Staff RMS (Render Mines Safe) Officer. This was Lt Bill Bailey CBE, DSC, GM* RNVR who had almost as eventful a naval career as Crabb. Read a recently released illustrated account by his son Andrew here.
  4. oooh...I was not aware of this...I'm to Amazon tout sweet...
  5. 'A Diver in the Dark' by Sydney Knowles is now available online via this link.
  6. Silent enemy on now film 4.

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