New book Diver.

Discussion in 'History' started by w.anchor, Dec 13, 2007.

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  1. A new book Diver, By Tony Groom a Ex Clearance diver is know available.
    It covers the Falkland war and some of his runs ashore.
    I have not read it but the reviews are very good this could be another Red Sailor.
    He was interviewed on the midweek program raido4 this week so you can still listen to it .On replay
  2. Tony Groom's book Diver has its own website here and is extremely entertaining. The foreword is by the First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Jonathon Band KCB ADC, and there are testimonials by Maj Gen Julian Thompson CB OBE RM, Cdre Mike Clapp CB and former FCPO(D) Mick Fellows MBE DSC BEM*. Can't be bad, can it?

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