New book coming out shortly - Sea Devils by John Swinfield

There is a great new book about to be released from Author John Swinfield. John previously wrote Airship Design Development and Disaster a year ago through Conway Maritime Publishing and the book has been a global success. Hoping for great things with Sea Devils.

The book is out on 3-4th Feb 2014 through all major shops.

Listing on Amazon:
Sea Devils: Pioneer Submarines: John Swinfield: 9780750953566: Books

A detailed history of the submarine, from the first man-powered submersibles to the deep sea exploration and military crafts of today
Pioneer submariners built astonishing contraptions which made perilous voyages or sank like stones. Some were driven by muscle-power or steam engines with chimneys. Others had wheels with which to trundle along the seabed. This book traces the history of early submarines and the colorful array of those who built and sailed them. From a plethora of mad-cap inventors emerged a bizarre machine that navies of the world begrudgingly accepted but viewed with distaste. The submarine matured into a weapon to usurp the mighty battleship. Subject to military and political skirmishing, it would win eventual acceptance amid the chaos and carnage of the Great War. Sea Devils brims with daring, larger-than-life personalities and their determination to make underwater voyages.Can be found on Johns - Publications

Multiple radio shows are interviewing John, so please look out for him.



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