New Book: Battle At Sea

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  1. I'm just going to copy and paste all of this from the Navy website and throw some links. Enjoy.


    In September this year DK are publishing a new book in association with the Royal Navy called Battle at Sea. Written by R. G. Grant, this stunning visual encyclopedia covers 3,000 years of naval warfare. Every major conflict is examined from the clashes of the galleys in Ancient Greece straight through to the 20th century, covering every aspect of warfare on and under the waves. A visual feast, Battle at Sea has photographs, illustrations, maps, 3D battle plans and photographic tours of key vessels. In chronological order, this definitive guide covers life on the high seas and how it has evolved, with vivid accounts of the greatest naval battles, as well as the development of weapons, technologies and tactics.

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    Go here for the article:

    Go here for the Book at DK:,,9781405330947,00.html?strSrchSql=Battle+at+sea/Battle_at_Sea_Reg_Grant

    Looks like it could be good.

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