New book about the Reserve Forces

I’m writing a book on the reserve forces on active duty since 1999, i.e. Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan etc.
I’m interested in any accounts or experiences that any TA, Regular Reservist, RMR, RNR, RAF reservist etc who’ve been on a tour wishes to share.

The focus of the book is to demonstrate how ordinary people give up their lives to do what we do so its not just stories of death defying feat I’m interested in (although they a extremely welcome) but even stuff that you might think is mundane

I’m TA Infantry who’s done tours of Telic and Herrick and to be honest I’m fed up with portrayal of the TA in the media and the sneering reaction I get from regulars and the public, hopefully we can redress this by putting our stories and experiences out there
Please contact me at the following email for more info:
[email protected]


War Hero
You do realise that for serving personnel to speak, you need to go through MOD - far better to do it formally and get support for your project. Go informally and a lot of people end up in trouble.
I know, I've been in touch with the MoD about this project and the finished product will be cleared through them so as to comply with the Official Secrets Act but I'd rather not be bound by a contract to the MoD at this stage


War Hero
No you don't understand - all serving personnel need permission in advance to speak to the media - there is a DIN out about this. Failure to get permission leads to big problems - I strongly suggest you do this the right way or you'll struggle to get people to talk to you.

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