New Badge For Trainee Royal Navy Submariners


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^Aye & too true Younker - 'twas only a few short weeks ago that some of us were recalling or commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Black Tot Day...

Most of us will long gone by then but I predict that in 50 years time today's baby Submariners and newbie Part Threes (and maybe even S/M Staff O's like your goodself ??) will be recalling if not celebrating Black Dolphins Day...

Well that’d be nice, but given how awful my memory is now I’m not sure I’ll be doing much more than dribbling on myself and shouting for the nurse at 98.


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I still say they are only there to show which trainees don't need to shower / don't need to get an haircut / talk about extra pay / (fill in sundodger dit as appropriate).


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Skimmers' reaction to all this nonsense:


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I’m happy to stick my head above the parapet and say I don’t have an issue with these. A waste of money? Possibly, unless they achieve their aim in which case they’re worth every penny.

To those that feel their Dolphins are somehow devalued by these; have a word with yourself. They’re not gold, nobody’s pretending it makes the trainees magically qualified, and lets not forget we didn’t issue Dolphins at all until 1972; and they weren’t exactly a popular idea. Waste of money and unnecessary apparently.
And I'm happy to stick my head even further above the parapet and say that the first Dolphins were not actually presented in 1972, but on 15 July 1971. I regret to say that I am not sure at what time.....:D

Perhaps Soleil would be kind enough to pass the word to the appropriate source!