New Armed Forces blog

Hi all,

I said I would let you know when my newspaper launched its armed forces blog - and guess what? You can have a look here:

The blog is in its very early stages but the idea is to convince the powers-that-be that people are interested in forces stories and to provide a home for things that might not always make the papers.

Hopefully, it will be something you guys can use to advertise any of the stuff you do (charity events, messages home, competitions etc.) Use it to sound off, highlight issues etc. It's really up to you... just send me an email or message.

I'm open to comments/ suggestions/ criticisms etc. about the blog although no mickey taking about the name - I've gone through all that with my colleagues already!!

I just hope it gets a bit of traffic/ a few comments etc. to prove to my boss that people do care about forces stuff!

Cheers and look forward to hearing from you,

Thanks, but it's bad enough having that little picture :)

By the way - if any of you are into Twitter you can follow me on Vicki_ECHO - I usually put blog updates on there.

Thanks for your comments!
I wonder if Fred Blogs ever regrets not taking a patent out.

This is not a criticism but if this “blog†stuff evolves like local radio and cable television, there will be too much to “absorb†and will be of diminishing quality.

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