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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by daz2162, Dec 15, 2014.

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  1. Hi guys,
    im new to the forum so a quick hello from me.

    Ive just applied for the royal navy to become a warfare specialist. Ive had a good read on the website and spoken to my careers officer and they both have a very limited amount of information about the actual job role, I cant get a day in the life of from either, just a brief overview as to the job.

    So I was wondering if there is anyone on here who could go into better detail for me, whats the job like, what things are you doing on a day to day basis (at sea and at shore), how much weapon handling Is there,
    how does your job role change as you get promoted???

    Im 25 and obviously joining quite late so my ambitions are to hopefully get promoted up the ranks as fast as I can, I understand its all done on merit, so whats the best way to impress the higher ranks and officers (without being crude, im not blowing anyone!!!!)

    Cheers Guys

  2. Try the search function. I might as well tell you before someone else does.
  3. I type in warefare specialist and it comes up with my blog.
  4. I meant warfare! Haha
  5. DAZ welcome People on this site will help you, but you need to help your self so try searching and if that fails then ask away.
  6. Well i have done, as i said in my original post, ive spoken to the careers office and looked for hours on the website, youd think to 2 best sources for information, but like i said it's all very brief, i thought it would next be best to ask on here for people who have perhaps done the job and would have more in depth info for me.


  7. Ah your not joining late I started my app in 2013 when I was 26 joining as a WS next May which means I'll be 28.
  8. I turn 28 on the PRNC. Quite glad I'm not the only old bugger haha
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  9. Haha when is your prnc I can't be waiting any longer otherwise they will have to give me a Zimmer frame to march round with haha
  10. Holy crap, i assumw the waiting list is long at the moment then! Haha that was the first question my CO asked me, "why has it taken you so long!"
    Kevoby10, have you looked at any more info about the job anywhere??


  11. Kind of most of my info came from serving nava personnel when I work in my job as I work in retail get quite are bits but I know you can specialise in three areas at some point above water warfare under water warfare and electronic warfare but it's bits and bobs how far in the application are you
  12. Hhah, how long have you been waiting? My PRNC is the 2nd to 5th Feb then Raleigh on the 26th April. (If i pass PRNC obviously)
  13. My prnc is 23rd feb and raleigh is 17th may and again providing if I pass prnc lol so by the time I get in I would have been waiting two years can't wait to hand my notice in lol what you going in as and how long you been waiting?
  14. Bloody hell!! That's an insane amount of time to wait!! I applied in May this year. Going in as a Marine Engineering Technician (Which they're pretty short of by the sound of things) So they got me through as quickly as possible. I would've been in already but got made TMU because of shin splints.
  15. Ah yeah fair enough, I'll find it all out some how.
    Wow that really is a long time to wait! I hope i dont have to wait a total of 2 bloody years, i want to be in the navy in 2015!!
    Ive got my psychometric in the new year.
  16. untill your starting phase 1 at 32(and a 1/2) your not old.:)

    i started my application in june and wouldve started already if i wasnt held up by prior service and i couldve been starting at the start of next year if the mrs wasnt about to drop and wanting me to hang around to help (the cheek of it!)
    i got a phone call from afco today and told them not before june 1st.
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  17. Glad I'm not the only older chap to be entering the RN!! I'm 28 now and most probably will be coming up 30 by the time I get in if everything goes to plan! Been waiting 8 weeks this week for my SC :(
  18. Not older, "more experienced"
    I waited 10 weeks and 2 days!
    It cleared last tue and I got a start date this mornin.
    No prnc date but start raleigh 5th July.
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  19. Very true! ;)

    Glad your SC came through for you...hope mine won't be much longer! I've got my medical on January the 20th. Congrats on a start date :)
  20. Just had my date come through for my psychometric test, 5th feb 2015, best get the revision in, already been doing some for a few months.


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