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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by madashatter, Feb 8, 2010.

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  1. Hi all,

    Im new on here and joined as i am considering joining the Navy and am looking for somw advice.

    Is the Navy activly recruiting at the minute?

    Am considering the role of Air Eng Tech, what is the role like?

    I am 33, married with 4 children and was wondering what family life is like, accomadation, schools and social life.

    Any info welcome


  2. Thanks.

    Do you know what the wait is for Air Eng Tech?

  3. Yes I do.

    13 Months.
  4. Is that 13 months from intial application or 13 months after the process is complete?

  5. 13 Months from the date on which you sit your Psychometric Test.
  6. ok thanks.

    Is there a certain pass mark for Air Eng Tech. Id figure there would be????
  7. what about other waiting lists im going in as pilot but if my aib doesnt go to plan AET
  8. I had my RT this morning, going in for AET, and the careers guy told me the waiting time is 6-9 months.

    So is he right or wrong about that?
  9. How did ypur RT go mate?
  10. The 'careers guy' is the expert on careers in the Armed Forces so, regarding the accuracy of his statement, go figure. Do you think you will get a better answer from a random person on a website than you would in the AFCO?
  11. Passed it!

    Its just that i have read a few of the other threads and many different people have been saying 13 months. So i was just asking for clarification.
  12. Slim,

    I'm a CA working for the RN, You can take most things that Soleil tells you as gospal, as the info comes from a recruiter.

    I can confrim that as of 1st December the waiting time for AET was standing at 13 months. it is likely to get longer, as we are seeing a marked increase in all waiting times at the moment due to the job market.


  13. Thanks for that info SM.
  14. When I took my RT last September I was told my date to join would be about March 2010 by the end of the year this was changed to Sept 2010 and today I have spoken to my AFCO and he has told me I am 100th on the list and I'm now looking at Jan 2011 :(

    The dates seem to be getting longer and longer 8O and I'm feeling a bit p****d off today.

    I know the wait will be worth it in the end and I know there are hundreds of people waiting in the same position as me.

    Can I just ask a question regarding this. If the waiting list are getting longer and longer and the goverment is supposed to be cutting the budget for defence, why are the services still recruiting? Surely there should be a hold put on recruiting for a while :?:

    By the way I am waiting to join as an AET.
  15. Wrong??
  16. Hi Danny,

    There is always a need to keep topping up the personnel within the RN. People put in their notice and some reach the end of their careers. Yes without doubt there is a chance that all 3 services will need to cut back on recruiting if we need to make cuts, but we are still awaiting the decision on the numbers.

    The RN made a mistake a few years back of turning off the recruiting tap and we are still paying for it with gaps in certain branches and rates within the service.

    So yes you will get in, but as you are aware you will have to wait however long it takes.

    Good luck and enjoy your time in the Andrew


    :) :wink:
  17. Fully agree with SM.

    Dannyboy, i'm afraid that's the definitive answer. Just hold out for what you want to be doing me ol' skipjack, and remember it could be alot worse - You could get press ganged and wake up as a steward.... 8O !
  18. I woke up with a steward once. Nice body, rats grid and a scouser as well.
  19. Pauline P did very much the same.....Book could be a nice earner, though :wink:

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