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Monty has got me thinking from his post on another thread. What new and exciting types of weaponry can you think of? Here's Monty's thoughts;

Hartlepool is a stain on County Durham. It should be removed with vicious and exciting weaponry. Like dinosaur cavalry.
An interesting concept worthy of further consideration. My answer to the above?

I like the sound of this cavalry but which beasts would be the best? A Stegasaurus would be a bit slow, a Diplodocus/Brontosaurus too ponderous and a Triceratops too blind. I vote T-Rex as they have spazzy arms and are stupid.
Has anyone else come up with ideas in relation to this subject?


The Triceratops still has my vote. That said, anything is an improvement on the rebel scum's attempt at cavalry. Tauntauns are shit:


The Empire had the right idea, why AT-ATs haven't been invented yet is absolutely beyond me:



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Tauntons? And i thought they smelt bad..................on the outside.

At-At's rock, as do these little feckers;

A whole squadron of Ed-209's (ROBOCOP) could blat the f*ck
out of just about anything. Looks a bit like a psychotic titanium
headless turkey.

Oh...and arse to all your mate Godzilla would bash all of 'em up.

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Although Intercontinental Ballistic Dolphins may have their place in the strategic theatre, sometimes you need a more clinical weapon to deploy:


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