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New Album - 'Sailing' - The Band Of H.M. Royal Marines


War Hero


War Hero
Book Reviewer


Is Daedalus on it?

No track details on, but according to this site, it is not:

Buy The Band Of H.M. Royal Marines Sailing CD from Asda Entertainment

  1. Sailing
  2. A Life On The Ocean Wave
  3. Drumming Track
  4. Eternal Father & Sunset
  5. Over The Hills (with Alfie Boe)
  6. Fantasia On British Sea Songs
  7. Scarborough Fair
  8. Summon The Heroes
  9. Hands Across The Sea
  10. Ashokan Farewell
  11. The Captain General
  12. Home Away From Home
  13. Cockleshell Heroes
  14. Britannic Salute (Rule Britannia & Land of Hope and Glory)
  15. Eternal Father (with King's Speech)
  16. Sailing (Bonus Version) [Bonus Track]
  17. There You'll Be (with Mary-Jess) [Bonus Track]


War Hero
Book Reviewer
That's a bit of a disappointing track listing IMHO, there is so much more 'homegrown' really good stuff that could have gone on there. Oh well, not my concern any more.

P'raps you should release your own CD of Booty Bandy favourites, on t'interwebs, Boss? Everyone's doing it these days, you know... :wink:
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