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Hello all,

I'm currently travelling in South America until January when i return home, i then intended to go to India and Bangladesh for eleven weeks and apply to the Navy as a warfare officer when i returned in April which would have been two months before my 25th birthday. Fortunately, a quiet night here in Medellin, Colombia led me to check the RN website and i noticed that the upper age requirements have now changed from 26 to 25.

I have done a lot of research into the AIB, the recruitment process, the books i need (priced and sourced them), the kind of question i would be expected to answer etc. and i think that even if i decided against going to India in January in favour of applying i still wouldn't have enough time to study, go through the recruitment process and be admitted into BRNC before my 25th birthday. I really cannot express how devastated i am with this news. Some may ask why i have left it so late to apply if this is what i wanted to do but i felt that i could still travel (i went to Asia for nine months after uni and including India and SA on this trip i have notched up a further eleven months travel making eighteen in total plus i finished uni at 22 and not 21) and still apply before my 26th birthday. I thought about applying as a rating and trying to become an officer that way but another thread asking about the likelihood of this has convinced me that this is an impractical, painstaking and difficult route to take with little chance of success.

So, given the timetable and facts in the above essay does anybody have any advice for me at all? Have the new age restrictions been introduced yet? Can anybody think of a way around this?

This has really ruined my night and i would appreciate any advice at all!

No idea when that changed. You're best off asking your AFCO as it must have been recent. I'm 25 and start at BRNC in January as well as some others. There will surely have to be some sort of buffer to allow people already applying to get through the old process.


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Not sure if the new age requirements are in place yet as I applied at the end of August and turned 25 in October and have had no problems yet. I've my SIFT interview on 17th December and if I (God willing) pass that and AIB in good time I'll be taking one of the last slots in the April 2010 intake according to the ACLO I'm dealing with. So with any luck you should be able to get all your pre-AIB tests done by May (possibly June depending on their leave schedules for Easter) 2010 if you kick off in January. You might be able to squeeze into the September intake or the January 2011 one. As far as I'm aware as long as you start BRNC before your 26th birthday it should be alright but your probably best off PMing ninjastoker or another moderator to be on the safe side. Good luck


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They aren't new age constraints. Warfare Officers need to start YO training at BRNC at least one day before their 26th birthday - as has been the case for many, many moons.

Those that wish to join as a Warfare Officer are advised to submit an application & commence the selection process before their 25th birthday in order to comfortably meet the upper age restriction (providing they pass AIB with a score which indicates they are likely to be selected).

Have a look at BR3, Chapter 5, Section 4, Article 0541 with regard summary of Officer age restrictions.

Best of luck.
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