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Hi all,

I feel like I've been posting an awful lot these days...
Anyway, I should be sitting my AIB on the 26th of March. I was advised after my sift that the AIB has changed somewhat, and will now take place over 2 days than the normal 3, will be dumping the service knowledge test and changing the fitness test. I can see that this is likely to be a lot more intense than before. Anyone sat this new monstrosity? How does it compare with the old one?
personally I found it easier, less waiting around and you don't have as much time to dwell on any potential mistakes, felt like I was going full pelt and giving my all.

Only downside is depending on how far you travel you might want to get a hotel for the night before as jumping straight into it was a bit of a jolt!

I was unfortunate to do both versions so if you have any specific questions feel free to fire away and I'll do my best!
I think the idea of going full pelt for the two days would probably suit me better now that you mention it, though I'll definitely be getting a hotel the night before! How did you do the second time round if you don't mind me asking?

Also, be aware that if you pass the AIB but fail the fitness test, you will not be considered for entry to BRNC.
Are you sure about that? I was advised that RFA candidates can't fail the fitness aspect, but can still lose marks on it.


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RFA fitness test: walk to the NAFFI.
RFA Service Knowledge test: fill out a tax return.

Bloody RFA...

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The AFCOs need a briefing on this. I asked the specific question of whether AIB still comprised three days and was unflinchingly assured that it did...
Generally how complex are the mathematical psychometric tests? I know that I passed the maths section of my initial test by 2 marks, so its an area I should probably concentrate on. Apparently they also get you lined up and fire speed-distance-time questions at you, which I can see being a challenge.
As regards the fitness, I'm looking forward to it. Its a very easy way to gain free marks, and unlike the bleep test I will not have to vomit to show that I'm trying my hardest.
The difficult of maths questions is relative to your ability. Buy the Armed Forces Test book and practice away. Also SDT questions can be easily learned.
I sat my RFA AIB earlier this month. I passed :)
If anyone would like any specific questions answered, please PM me, I can also send over a podcast with AIB tips on it. Just to confirm, the fitness test isn't pass or fail for the RFA, it just gets you those extra points. For those of you not into PM'ing a few tips:

The most important: Be very vocal. Stupidly vocal. Motivate your team, take the lead, summarise the situation...

Never let your guard are being watched 24/7

Drive the correct way around the base when you arrive...someone didn't, was pulled out of a practice planning exercise and we never saw him again...

Learn current operations in able to point them out on a map and explain the effect such ops have on surrounding nations.

Show that you are genuinely interested by preparing before interview...get on board on an RFA ship by contacting it whilst in port...they are very friendly :) It gives you something to talk about at the AIB.

Finally, Good Luck!!


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"Never let your guard are being watched 24/7"

A tired chestnut and very untrue - you are not subject to surveillance in the pub, the only points you are assessed is when you are sitting an actual evolution of some form.
Perhaps. Perhaps not, but being in said mindset is a good way to keep focused...the staff are always in earshot anyway...

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"Perhaps. Perhaps not, but being in said mindset is a good way to keep focused...the staff are always in earshot anyway..."

I can categorically assure you that you are talking utter bollocks about surveillance.


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Because I have spent time observing AIB, asked that very question of the staff and was told categorically that outside of the formal evolutions, no such surveillance exists or ever has existed, except in the minds of over excited candidates?

Its a point I've hammered home a lot to CW candidates and others that I helped prepare to go to AIB - you are never subject to informal assessment despite what you may think.
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