New £25m landing craft home takes shape in Devonport


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Does it mean that Poole will close?
Not necessarily. Although MOD have not discussed future plans for Poole at this stage, it is possible that British Army units in Germany could take over vacant RM sites.

Mind you, in these days of austerity, it is likely that MOD will be seeking capital receipts, and the sale of the Hamworthy site - which is already a prime development area - could prove too attractive. :oops:
Has any one considered the closeness of the Hamworthy site to Sandbanks (supposedly the highest priced property in the country)? Perhaps one of the residents has objected to Royal playing with their little boaties in front of their £multi-million waterfornt property ... particularly when daughter is sunbathing naked by the pool ... (although they have a nudist beach there as well which may hold a particular attraction for Royal as well) and had a quite word with the 1SL in the club!

Wonder also if they will move Marchwood down there (Sea March Centre) as well??


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MG; I did hear a rumour concerning Marchwood, unfortunately I can't remember what it was or who it came from!!Not much use really!!!!
Marchwood Sea Mounting Centre is likely to be sold, but the roles will likely be conducted by commercial business partners:

Marchwood Sea Mounting Centre: 12 Jul 2012: Hansard Written Answers and Statements - TheyWorkForYou
Fair comment (Bold) ... used to drive past the place pretty well every day but still couldn't remember what it was called.

Presume some commercial operation will take it over ... can't be many large commercial Ro-Ro facilities that are not over subscribed with cross channel ferry operations. On the other hand the US forward repair base next door isn't exactly over used since Uncle Sam flogged it. Not sure who bought it but it seems pretty deserted.
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