I'm thinking of buying one. I've used other people's in the past, but have no idea what spec to look out for. Any recommendations for, make, model etc. Have looked at the usual highstreet websites, but here is so much to chose from.
If you are referring to one of those midget size laptops I have an HP one.

It semes to do the job OK but the kyes are jsut taht tniy bit smlaler tahn nomral wihch reuslts in spleling and pucntuation fcuk ups.

Very annoying.
Its really a personal preference drakey, what you need the netbook to do for you etc.

I'm currently using the Acer Aspire one - A0751h. It only has a one gb ram, which I will be upgrading to a two gb one at the end of the month. I can't really fault it at all.

Its an 11.6' screen, so is classed as a ' mini laptop ' but is still very small.
Thanks for your suggestions. IPad beyond my budget. Will keep looking. Have seen some that I like the look of but will wait and see if anyone else has any recommends.
The only one worth having is the Samsung N210. I have one and did the following:

Upgrade the memory for about £65 from 1GB to 2GB.

Delete loads of the free useless apps, getting rid of clumsy programs like Adobe Reader, and get more efficient software.

Install a virtual drive so you can load disk images from a USB stick.

It is absolutely brilliant mate and costs less than £350. Battery life is about 9 hours
Dell have the biggest range of junk of any pc maker.

Ask any pc repairer. A shiny case don't make a good computer.

There customer service is next to non existant and they are in court monthly for bad practice etc; in this last year they have been fined a few million but don't take the hint and continue to peddle rubbish.

Whatever netbook you go for, make sure it has the Intel Atom chip and not a Celeron. They aren't the most powerfull of computers and the Celeron just makes it worse.
I've got an Aspire, which was about 175 quid from Dixon's or Comet before they became really popular - bargain! It fits in my (coat) pocket, so ideal when going back to the UK or on holiday and gets WiFi, so ideal when waiting in a mall for Mrs SB!!

Bought an external CD drive and so can load programs. Uses SD card or USB memory.

I love it, and I hate computers!!
I use a Samsung NC10 - very happy with it but there are updated models with longer battery life. The keyoboard is excellent.

My old man bought a Samsung N130 which is defineitly worth a look. Samsung are one of the few netbook manufacturers who do matt screen which I think are a must if you're going to use it out and about; the reflection off the shiny screens is very irritating IMO.

Good advice from JJ. The amount of crap that comes with any machine is ridiculous


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sgtpepperband said:
I don't need an iPad - I just put my mobile phone really close to my face... :roll:
Apple missed out BIG TIME when they failed to make it possible to take calls with your iPad - by putting it against the side of your face.
Ended up buying a Samsung N130. Nice piece of kit and ideal for Mrs Drakey (and me when she lets me use it). Most Netbooks are very similar and in the end it was down to cost and personal choice.

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