Nest of wagtails grounds Royal Marine patrol vehicle

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by plymwebed, Jul 12, 2007.

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  1. A Ford Ranger Patrol Vehicle used by Royal Marines guarding Bickleigh Barracks has been grounded by the Government after members of the Military Provost Guard Service spotted a nest of wagtails underneath the rear axle.

    Read the full story at thisisplymouth
  2. How long does it take a wagtail to set up home - vehicle wasn't used very often then anyway?
  3. I once grounded a Royal Navy Provest Vehicle, after they picked me up outside Joannas. I'd just decked a killick TAS ape who was giving me a bit of lip in the burger wagon queue and before you can say, 'Gimme a Donna with all the trimmings' these two crushers are bundling me into the back of their wagon. I'm not putting up too much of a fight, cos I'm thinking, 'What the hell, I wasn't very hungry and anyway it's cheaper than a taxi.' But then the wagon goes and gets stuck over one of those sleeping policeman in Elm Grove. 'Ditch the fat gronk,' says one of the reggies, so I give him some of what the TAS ape got as I'm climbing out the back of the wagon. The reggie who's driving is now trying to lock himself in the wagon while he radios for backup from Crusher HQ, but I just give him the finger and wag my sexy pie tail as I wander off to look for the nearest chippy. Matelots .... I've shit em!
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    Ooh, let me guess... same IP address as Monty wotsit, Norma, Invinoveritas, blah-de-blah?
  5. [/quote] Ooh, let me guess... same IP address as Monty wotsit, Norma, Invinoveritas, blah-de-blah?[/quote]

    Yeah, you'd love to know my address wouldn't you. Dream on, you horney old Donkey Boiler! :rendeer:
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  8. Are you related to Nastyman, our Canadian Moron? If so, more tales of derring do please.
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