Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by creddly, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. Hi again people!

    I'm bloody nervous about tomorrow already. Probably because they're gonna laugh at me for even thinking I have a chance of getting in but I'm going to try.

    Worst part about it, I'll be having an IT diploma in 2 weeks - I.e. My first EVER qualification. So it would have been better to put on the application tomorrow instead of leaving it blank... do you think I should explain this?

    Also, is there anything I should be reading for tomorrow's visit? I can't find anything specific about ET (WE) or AET on the website. Just a basic outline of the jobs. Is there any current events, history, new ships, etc that I should be reading about for tomorrow or will that be a necessity for the 'Formal' interview?

    I've just put some Kiwi-Black on my shoes and left them on some newspaper ready to be buffered off tomorrow - The smell of the Kiwi polish brings back some memories I can tell you! :neutral:
  2. Relax (not that being told to relax actually helps)

    What do you mean by ''having an IT Diploma in two weeks''? Are you awaiting a result? If so then put it on the form and just put ''result awaited'' after it. If your confirmed on a course or exam then bring it up in the discussion, make sure they know about it.
  3. Hi Karma.

    How best to explain this Diploma? lol

    Right, it's made up of modules. Once you complete a mandatory module (Done), you have to choose 4 addition modules out of 8 to compete. I've got 1 left to cpmplete and I'll have the mandatory module and the 4 additional ones then. All that happens then is my course tutor will send them off and I'll receive a Diploma back saying I have a level 1 Diploma in IT - then it's onto level 2.

    But how best to explain that to them tomorrow? :???:
  4. chill out man, seriously, your going to give yourself an ulcer!, the formal interview is when your going to need to be tooled up with info, but you only need to know whats available in the paraphanalia that they give out and whats on their web site, it wont hurt to know a bit about your choosen trade though, just be cool and smart man, good luck!
  5. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    How about " I am about to complete the final module of my level 1 IT Diploma with ********* College"

    Hmmmm! level 1? Diploma? Who is the qualification accredited to?
  6. Lol as ever, I'm a bag of nerves.

    I'm actually on the website now reading about the Royal Marines logistical and operational training they've been giving to the Afghan National Army.

    I'm reading about news and the general reason behind some of the operation hot-spots listed on the Atlas.

    I've read the job descriptions for ET (WE) and AET long ago, but I'll read them again tonight just to brush up on my knowledge!

    The proper title for it is, "Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Level 1 Diploma for IT users". But there's also a Level 2 (Plus) and Level 3 (Advanced)

    I know the first level is a load of crap, but I've got to do it to work my way up to the Level 3 (A-Level equivalent)

    But it's still better to put down than leaving it blank! lol
  7. Credders,just be yourself,dont bullshit and enjoy it.They arent there to to make you life a misery,that comes at Raleigh.Ask questions as they come to you,just remember if you have a question its important to you, no matter how daft it might seem.Good luck for tomorrow.
  8. Thanks AndyM. Sound advice as always.

    Don't worry, I've got a few questions for them! lol You know me! :grin:
  9. Good effort,its a shame you couldnt have read John Wintons book "We joined the Navy".It has some of the best answers to the question "So,why do you want to join the Navy"!
  10. Shame nobody recommended it before now! :evil:

    So will they ask me tomorrow why I want to join?

    I do know why I want to join, but I don't know if my reasons are good enough! lol
  11. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Creddly that's a perfectly credible qualification and like you say level 1 is a stepping stone, I always get suspicious when people describe a qual as a "Diploma" because there is so much crap around. Tell the AFCO what it is, if nothing else it shows you are willing to learn off your own back and that you are literate :lol:
  12. I suppose Level 1 isn't that bad. And Level 2 is the requirement for most Admin Jobs. So Level 3 must be a decent one to have.

    I've figured that if I can't get a job, at least I can devote my time to getting these qualifications! lol

    What might not sound credible to you is that it's not actually at a college, but at the local Library. They are fully qualified tutors and they've got brand new really expensive computers. No cheapies!!!
  13. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Bastards!!!!!!!! :lol:
  14. lol But not as good as my beauty I've got here! lol
  15. Put ''Level 1 Diploma in IT, x% complete, anticipated completion date''

    No problem.
  16. lol Good idea that Karma!!! Will do!

    Now I know why I wanna be a Weapons Engineer for sure - I've just been reading about the Goalkeeper CIWS atop the HMS Illustrious.

    It can detect a Mach 2 Sea Skimming Missile from 1500m away and kill it within 5.5 seconds at 300m away! Now the chance to work close to one of those would be awesome!

    Although I wouldn't give that as my answer as they'd think I'm some sort of geek! lol
  17. Creddly you worry too much!

    All you will have to do tomorrow is fill in an application form, or take one away to fill in later. I'm surprised you were not given one at your initial presentation.

    Chill out man! :cool:
  18. Creddly,

    Your attitude does you credit!

    You are interested in the RN, you know your stuff, you'll do well!

    The fact that you're nervous means that you aren't the cocky know-it-all type and that you're keen to do the best you can!

    No problems with that! :!:
  19. I couldn't have one Phaedrus because I didn't have my Army Discharge Documents on me. I couldn't even fill one out ready until I produced them documents - which luckily I've found because the bloody Army haven't responded to my letters!

    Thanks Tattoo dog! I'll be accumulating copious amounts more knowledge before my formal interview! lol

    I wouldn't normally be nervous, it's just it's the Royal Navy, I stuck the Army for 6 weeks, No Qualifications and hardly any official job history... I've worked the last year for my dad's window cleaning business, but it was just working for my living. I wasn't claiming benefits, but I wasn't officially having a wage or paying tax, just working for my living, i.e. Board and Lodge, food, etc. - I just feel I'm walking into a humiliation death-trap by here! lol

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