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Hi all! I am currently in the very early stages of the application process for the Maritime Reserves - I have passed my psychometric test and in 2 weeks I have my interview. I'm feeling OK about the interview as, at the age of 29, I have seen my fair share of interviews and know the drill so to speak.

However my biggest worry is the medical and eyesight tests. My eyes are pretty pish but I was given the all clear by my optician on the form my AFCO gave me. Is there another test or is the form he gave me and she stamped the end of the eyesight thing?

Also for my medical, I was honest in the part about headaches and said I was examined by a GP and neurologist earlier in the year for mild but recurring headaches (they happened for around a month) but that I was given the all clear and they suspected it was down to a horrific month of bad luck, stress and illness - I had about 3 colds in a row, I was selling my flat, setting up a new business and dealing with family fallouts all at the same time. My doctor wrote me a letter to say I was all clear.

Also, I have 5 large tattoos on my legs, none offensive (all animals) and none visible in No 1 uniform. My AFCO told me not to worry as they'd be fine but just freaking out a bit in my pre-medical panic that they'll be a problem??

I feel confident in the knowledge that it was correct to be honest about it but worried that my honesty will cost me my place. Any advice on the medical stuff, tattoos and also the eyesight test would be much appreciated.


Firstly, relax.
Secondly, if you don't need to wear glasses, your eyes are fine. If you do need to wear glasses, do so.
Your tattoos shouldn't be an issue. I believe the phrase used is 'not offensive, or excessive in number or size.' Which suits you fine.
As for your honesty, good on you. Might take a couple weeks longer due to back and forth between your doctor and theirs, but it seems you'll be fine.

Chill it fella. Don't stress

You're god damn welcome.


Thanks LukeThePlaypus, I currently wear glasses and contacts but was told by my optician I am a "section 2" on the eyesight form I handed her out of a possible 3 options...she said that means I wear glasses but am within required levels for both aided and unaided sight, although unaided I pass by the skin of my teeth :D

Does anyone reckon it would be worth taking my doctor's notes about the headaches with me to interview? Would this hurry anything along a bit? Ir just leave them to do their own chasing? :)


War Hero
Try not to worry too much, we actually want people to join!

Take your notes regarding headaches - ongoing migraine or recurrent headaches can be an issue, as can a history of stress related conditions. They are not necessarily a show-stopper, but need to be fully resolved for a reasonable time. If you are 29, you've still got 11 years in which to join!

Good luck.


Haha very true Ninja! I'm sure they do allow some people in every now and again :D

just stressing as I have had no medical issues for years until the spell of headaches this year. I guess the fact it was thoroughly investigated is probably a good thing for them to see as it shows the doctors reported it as nothing likely to recur - I think late nights spent decorating and forgetting to eat or drink were the most likely cause!!

Uuuurgh fingers crossed anyway. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time so here's hoping some stupid headaches once 9 months ago won't hold me back!

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