Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Topaz, Jul 16, 2008.

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  1. Are definatly starting to kick in.
    Go down to Raleigh this Sunday, and I am actualy starting to doubt myself.

    I know everyone is meant to get nervous... but this is pretty bad lol!
  2. You'll be ok you'll meet new people in the same shoes.

    just remember to keep nose clean and your steaming bats clean you'll be ok in Raleigh
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Rest assured, everyone has last minute doubts.

    I still have after 27 years....but I'd do the same again without doubt.
  4. Don't worry. It's improved a bit since this recent photograph was taken by Nutty (1998)..... ;)

  5. That must be me on the far right Steve!!...kind of anniversary for me today (16th July).....joined Navy 1963!!..(no, not still in!!) :whew:
  6. you will P*** it best 9 week wonder on the planet :thumright: no probs :salut: just LOL at us ex ST Vincent/ Ganges boys doing 12 months :thumright:
  7. Dont worry I'm in the same boat :thumright: (I'll get me coat...).

    I ll be going to Raleigh on this sunday as well.

    I'm really nervous. Anyone else from your AFCO going?

  8. If your joining this Sunday your going to be are juniours!! weve had to make all your fuckin beds up yesterday! you will be joining Pellew Division!!

    Dont worry to much about it, its not that bad! also you only have to do 2 weeks till you have 4 weeks leave! easy!!
  9. That photo is pretty funny.

    See you down there Luke =]

    Anddd yeah the timing is pretty sweet :D haha
  10. Stripey

    I was 3 months 8 days old when you joined up! :biggrin:

    The one on the far right is Uncle Albert. I thought you were the one with the moustache! :thumright:

  11. Please tell me that I have misread this, your bed is made up for you when you join? FFS, who tucks them in?
  12. What one is Pellew again, it's the one that's up next to the dinner hall and miles from Drake, etc?

    Made beds? Sounds the business; see you on Sunday Topaz! :)

  13. Make up beds=put together frames....hopefully.
  14. Hopefully they've got the crease down the middle waiting for us! ;)
  15. Sounds more like a good hotel to me. Is the hotel service (washing, ironing, boot polishing, etc) standard now? ....and Chiefy tucking you all into bed before bedtime stories. Bless. I knew the RN had changed for the better......... ;)
  16. That photo must have been taken halfway through mattress issue in Week 2.
  17. I thought those were the trampolines. :slow:
  18. dont worry topaz you will be fine ! see you down there
  19. if ur going into pellew just hope u get PO brennan hell get u through the nine weeks no bother, prest im not so sure about. but fergy an waltly seem pretty good an all.

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