NEPTUNE - 4 June 1944

At about 0515 DBST on the morning of 4 June 1944 a signal was broadcast to convoys underway for the invasion of Normandy, advising that the assault scheduled for dawn the following day had been postponed, and ordering ships to return to harbour.

However, the leading convoy apparently failed to receive the signal, and two destroyers and a Walrus aircraft were sent to head it off, the task being accomplished at 0900 DBST (see paragraph 29 of Admiral Ramsey's Despatch at Viewing Page 5114 of Issue 38110 .

I'm trying to determine either the serial number of the Walrus, or the squadron to which it was attached - or even better, a first hand account of the incident.

Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated.
My thanks for looking soleil. I'd wondered about the FAA Museum, but was rather put off by the rather negative paragraph about not answering postal or email enquiries. Apart from the fact it's not that easy to get to, if one doesn't know where to look one's on a hiding to nothing. I scanned through the National Archives catalogue but couldn't find anything that looked remotely appropriate there.

I'm guessing the aircraft was based at Lee-on-Solent, but that doesn't help much as I still need its squadron.

As you say - it's a difficult one.
I have had a good response from the FAA Archivists myself in the past, but I get the feeling that they have been overwhelmed by enquiries of late, hence what it says on the website.

I would give them a call and run it by them; if it is something they can do quickly while you are on the phone, they might help you.

The other option might be the Naval Historical Branch at Portsmouth on 023 92 724327.
My thanks for your advice, soleil; I've just spoken to Yeovilton and had a very positive response, nothing like I expected from the webpage. I'm more used to dealing with the RAF Museum which accepts both postal and email enquiries although, as at Yeovilton, the staffing levels are severely restricted, meaning one has to wait for a response.

All I really need is the squadron number, with that I should be able to get the rest I need from the ORB in the NA.

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