Hello all,

Hoping to get some advice on joining the RN.
I am a British Citizen and resident currently studying medicine abrod as a mature student. I really would like to join the Royal Navy as a medical officer and intend to do so as soon as i get my full GMC registration. I have a couple of questions that I hope you can help me with:

1. I Understand that the Navy would take on MOs after the tests and AIB once they finish FY2. Would I need to provide an FACD 5.2 if Pass the selection board or is an "Alternative Certificate" accepted too. This is taken from the GMC website:

"Anybody who is not covered in 1 or 2 above if you have not undertaken a UK Foundation Programme within the last 3 years, you will be able to submit an Alternative Certificate signed by a consultant who has supervised you for at least 3 continuous months since 1 August 2012. The certificate attests to your achievement of Foundation Competence. For the purposes of this documentation, consultant includes General Practitioners, Clinical Directors, Medical Superintendents, Academic Professors and anyone on the specialist register.You may submit more than one Alternative Certificate form different posts in order to show evidence of achievement of all outcomes but all certificates must relate to posts undertaken for at least 3 continuous months (whole time equivalent) since August 2012. You must attach scanned copies of the certificates to your application form."

2. I read a young RN MOs account of the NEMO course and stated that they were "streamed into either the Submarine Service; Surface Fleet or RM DURING that course. What will be the difference in roles in any of these during General duties years? Is there anything I can do to sway the decision?

3. How would I be able to increase my chance to be accepted as a New Entry Doctor without having been a cadet? I will be 34 by the time I applyand wondering how long I will be allowed to serve for?

Thank you for your time in advance