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At a first glance I like the relative transparency thats been applied. I can see why there will be some howling over allocations to the pay sups for ORs but again I can see the logic thats been applied and in general think it seems reasonable.


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Relative transparency. Something that never happened with P2000.
Writers have got feck all to drip about, they should just rejoice that they managed to milk the system for 15 years.

Short (crap) dit. When Pay 2000 was announced in 2001 I had a scrote OM that was in the rattle and I had to go and have a chat with the Crushers in Drake about it. When I went in a WO Joss asks what pay band I'm in? Rants for a few minutes and ends with "No wonder it's feckin late, it must have took the feckers a year to find someone with the balls to sign off on it".


It's astonishing really how much dripping is coming from writers, reggies, metocs and club swingers about being a "Supp 1" (Which is a generally excellent new insult.)

All personnel in these branches should take a long, hard look at themselves, their workload, the direct impact of their output, their working conditions and hours. Once they've done that, I welcome them to then say they deserve the same pay as an engineer or dabber.

Chefs on the other hand I think have had a raw deal, I'm frankly astonished they're at the bottom of the pile. Likewise I'm also astonished SA's and SE's are in sup 2. The rest I think is completely fair.


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All personnel in these branches should take a long, hard look at themselves, their workload, the direct impact of their output, their working conditions and hours. Once they've done that, I welcome them to then say they deserve the same pay as an engineer or dabber..
I tend to agree, and thats not to denigrate the efforts of those that find themselves streamed SUPP1, they still get a generally healthy renumeration package.
Absolutely shocked about the chefs (I know I could be accused of being bias but I've worked warfare & WE parts of ship too so I have a fair degree of insight I'd say).

Cookie boys and girls dig out. The standard of food might not always be the best (sometimes an effort problem, sometimes a problem with budget, equipment or manning) but the level of graft remains high no matter what ends up on the counter. Missed breaks due to chasing the ships program whilst trying to knock out 200 plus rations three times a day. The added extras of VIP functions alongside, doubling up on duties, the physical drudgery and abuse you get when people take out their own failings on the guys behind the counter just because chips aren't on the menu for the umpteenth time.

I don't like moaning, I really don't, and the difference in pay isn't vast between the supplements but I feel quite betrayed by the fact that the powers that be obviously have no idea about the hard work that goes into keeping the lads and lasses victualled.

SA's on a higher supp? Confused I am!

Warfare and engineers, fair doos.

As for the comment about chefs being paid more in the mob. There're all sorts of catering jobs out there that pay similar for better conditions and it's not as if storemen and forklift drivers are exactly a guilded profession? The point, I thought though, was that the supplement were, in part, a recognition of working conditions?

One of the top cookie boys (who has gone above and beyond to help recruitment for chefs no end) got an MBE last week. Id like to think he'll feel like throwing it back after this news.


I'm definitely siding with the chefs on this one, they've been utterly screwed here, they really are the only ones that have a genuine axe to grind.


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Not really my point.
I know but my point is that SUPP1 or SUPP3, in terms of recruiting they won't care (won't realise), all they will want to know is relative pay & TCOS. Thats for the recruiters to put across.

I understand the angst about the relative banding, and I would agree Chefs do dig out.
There's a rumour out you go to Supp3 when you pass the course!

In all seriousness, as an SA I'm surprised that the CH's are on a lower band too, we know you guys dig out, especially as you lot seem to spend just as much time on the jetty as us and storing ship and yes it will be another straw on a camels back (but hey, we're in just the same state- 30% manpower gap at the LSA level and the promotion board re-sat 4 times to pick who to promote as the AB's are in short supply too- I had my draft postponed for 9 months at 42 while I waited for my replacement to pass out of phase 1 and 2!

As for us, the only thing I can think of that justifies us being Supp2 is when you compare us to our Army and RAF brethren in the Stores world. As an SA I'm a Storeman, a Dangerous Goods consignor, a Contained Transport Unit Loader Supervisor and a Mover In the Army alone, mover is a different branch straight away, for the DG bit you have to be a Cpl Army or RAF (for us it's just 4 years seniority as an AB), same for the CTU Supervisor (we trained a load of chefs when I was at 42cdo only to be told afterwards as they weren't SA's and they weren't LCH or above that the quall was voided). We're not just storesmen these days, when compared with the other services, at least that's the way I've been read it.

Now then, Morning chef, full fry up today please, I'll stake 2 supplements thank you :)

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