Nelson's caribbean hellhole BBC4


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There's a lucky chap, Gazer. My only visit consisted entirely of being secured at dolphins for fuelling, so far out that I couldn't even see the actual island. We were on our way home so not too sad when Father fended off a request from the Govr for us to come right in and be an emergency generator for a week.
More scenes from English Harbour in Antigua. The capstans on the right were built by PCG (Portsmouth Craft Group) in what used to be HMS Vernon (now Gunwharf Quays) and are replicas of those formerly used to careen warships alongside the jetty in Nelson's Dockyard.

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I would add; it did evoke some great memories for me. Antigua has always been my favourite run in the Windies, particularly when the Tot Club hosted us for their T200 dinner, wonderfull evening!