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Nelson Navy & Nation.
The Royal Navy & British People 1688-1815

Editted by Dr Quintin Colville and Dr James Davey, Curators of the National Maritime Museum.
Conway Publishing. ISBN 978-1-84486-207-8 £20

This book has been published to accompany a gallery in the National Maritime Museum entitled
"Nelson, Navy, Nation" and highlights many objects in the gallery. As the title suggests it covers
much more than Nelson, it describes the politics of the time and the process which shaped much of the
country, the Royal Navy and its leaders.

Battles, ships, ship building, dockyards, weapons, mutiny and even domestic ornaments are all covered with great detail and even explain how naval terms have come into everyday use.

Many museum artifacts are pictured and accompanied with detailed descriptions. Artwork is included
where appropriate and the quality of pictures is of very high quality.
The book contains many 1st hand reports ranging from the many battles covered, describing the horror of war at sea and the return to port leading to women being on board with Jack being the target of predatory women.

All in all this is a very well researched book covering most things related to the Royal Navy and how it shaped Britain. I enjoyed this much more than I originally thought I would. The writing style and layout is easy to read and even the kids can find something to keep them enthralled. As such the book does a good job of explaining our rich maritime history and making it enjoyable.


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