Nelson’s Navy: Back From The Dead - Channel 4 - Sunday - September 04 2011 - 2000

Discussion in 'History' started by soleil, Sep 3, 2011.

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  1. Should be worth watching

    C4 Sunday 4th Sept 2000 -2100

    Nelson's Navy Back from the Dead:

    Three-hundred-and-fifty skeletons, exhumed from Royal Navy graveyards from the age of Nelson's Navy, are throwing an extraordinary new light on how these sailors lived, fought, outwitted their enemy, and, from the oldest to youngest, suffered for victory.
    These men were the beating heart of the most victorious fleet in history and never have so many of these sailors' remains been available for forensic investigation.
    Six remarkable stories stand out: the child sailor, the top man, the American gunner, the freed slave, the marine and the victim of the sailor's most dreaded disease: syphilis.
    No longer just bones in a box, the men of Nelson's Navy are back from the dead.
  2. Not quite sure I agree with digging up old sailor's graves, even if it is for history. They died serving their country. It's a bit like going 200 years into the future and having some bloke dig up the fallen from our latest conflicts just to satisfy some historical curiosity. RIP means RIP.

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  4. Looks like it could be an interesting program, i understand the feeling of unease lifting up the bodies of the dead but i am looking forward to seeing and learning something about that era of the Royal Navy.

    On the advert it mentions 11 year old sailors...Today a boy of that ageare lucky if they see the light of day!!
  5. I for one don't agree with digging up corpses. What next, let's dig up the fallen of WW1 just to satisfy there curiosity.
  6. The remains of these people were not "just dug up". Time team did a well documented "dig" last year. The ground, I believe is earmarked for development and their help was asked for. Better they did it than some navvy in charge of a JCB! As for the comment about digging up WW1 fallen, I think it is crass comment. There is an on going task of indentifying remains of WW1 soldiers when their remains are found. A lot of the work is sponsored by the MOD. Also the families of those whose remains are found can have final closure to their sad loss. All remains are interned with full military honours.
  7. Thanks for the bump, just in time for me to watch it, very interesting. Remains reintered with military honours.

    CGI of the sailing ships running before the wind crap, the flag flying the wrong way.
  8. I enjoyed the program, sod getting those splinters inside me, and the thought of getting amputated, never mind without anesthetic, woo not my cuppa tea...

  9. Splinters a load of bollocks a bit of metal flying about?
  10. Thats some damage material there!!
  11. But nothing sticking in, not that Id volunteer, might get something in my eye.
  12. hahahaha, That was a harsh life in that navy!!
  13. There was a wealth of recorded historical data held at the medical Library RNH Plymouth including some splendid drawings detailing the anatomy, RNH Haslar also had a wealth of information. These alone would have produced the same results as these exhumations.

    As an aside no mention was made to the Boatswain onboard HMS Orion who was admitted to the Naval Hospital in Plymouth following an accident when a marling spike which was dropped from the top gallants penetrating his skull. He survived the accident but the surgeons decided that it was too dangerous to remove it. He was sent back to his ship but in medcat P3R. He was the only man in the RN who was allowed to wear a Tophat. Dress regulations had to be re-written, as the positioning of the cap tally caused confusion.
  14. :shock: !!!!
  15. .

    Pedant warning !

    Please note it's "programme" not "program" for TV programmes. "Program" refers to computer software.

  16. The Boatswain in question was invalided out of the RN in 1826 unable to fulfill his duties due to aggrevated medical conditions. I believe he landed a job as the Station Master on the Stockton-Darlington Line.
    Stockton and Darlington Railway - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    As tradition would have it the Sation Masters have since then always worn Tophats. Not the only time the RN has set a fashion trend
  17. Bloodyhell, and i'm feeling sorry for myself with a broken ankle/foot.
  18. That's amazing, Trel! What was his name?
  19. Next time any of you guys visit Gibraltar take 5 mnutes to visit the cemetary just outside the dockyard gate heading up to Main Street, there are several graves of fallen matelots from Trafalgar, touch your forlocks in respect. Then get severely pissed in the Flip Flop if its still there, if not Irish town and a bellyfull of Guiness.

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