Nekkid in car wash!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by andym, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. Dam it- I hoped at least to make it to the Sun!!!
  2. The CCTV footage is good too.
  3. Mmmmmmmm , bh in the car wash , double Mmmmmmmm .
  4. I'd prefer it was you Dondon! :biggrin: I'm sure you'd look very nice: you whizzing round one yeti (what I used to call the spinning car wash brushes as a wee boy - used to hide in the car! :oops: ) and BH on the other. Think of the friction when both your soapy bodies collided.... Then again, perhaps NOT! :pukel:
  5. Damn - I use that Garage all the time - never seen anything like that mind...

  6. Both our soapy bodies collide , mmmmmm , could handle that .
  7. Where do we send her fine too?
  8. Brazen, all wet and soapy hmmmmmm brings to mind a pretty picture!
  9. Lads- please------------ behave!!!!!

    Or will have to pull rank!!!!
  10. Now, now BH, with such good looks how can you complain that the lads are drooling over their fantasies about doing soapy things with you. I mean, they could have consigned you to the obscurity and pittiless ignomy of the gronk board! :biggrin:

    Now lads, form an orderly line, make sure your shirts are neatly tucked into your underpants, and wait your turn! Entry fee to to the Lamri Needs a Nice Big House When He Retires Fund (Reg'd charity number: jx/d1567849). ;)

    PS: BH, whose Rank were you thinking of pulling first? I think Dondon deserves to be the first to have his "rank" pulled......... :lol:

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