Neil Armstrong dies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Aug 25, 2012.

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  1. RIP to the man who gave us "One small step" and years of conspiratory theories!
  2. I remember that moment in '69 when he walked on the surface of the moon...........and I was seeing it on TV......for real.
    It was science fiction come true.............for a kid growing up in the 50's............RIP Neil're a tough act to follow.
  3. Memory time.

    I was PO's messman at Osprey and the mess pres dragged me into the TV room to watch history in the making.
  4. I wasn't even an itch in my dad's nut sack at the time of the landing, it was the same year my parents were married though.

    RIP Mr Armstrong

    Every turn of the shaft is a new adventure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Yes he had a good innings, apparently a very shy man, he made history and will never be forgotten for that.
  6. He was also a naval aviator who flew 78 missions over Korea from USS Essex.

    I was living in the States when he made that first step and shared some of the pride.

    RIP to a man who made history.
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  7. That, is some memory... doesn't mean as much to me as it does to you, though it should.
  8. From a report by his family commenting on his death, I though a rather apt statement.

    "For those who may ask what they can do to honour Neil, we have a simple request. Honour his example of service, accomplishment and modesty, and the next time you walk outside on a clear night and see the Moon smiling down at you, think of Neil Armstrong and give him a wink."
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  9. Or was it?..........
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  10. Giant steps are what you take
    Walking on the moon
    I hope my legs don't break
    Walking on the moon
    We could walk forever
    Walking on the moon

    We could live together
    Walking on, walking on the moon

    Apparently not.=|
  11. You could be arrested for that! Copyright - Police!!!!!! Get me coat!
  12. Good point, I forgot about Jennies bro.......**** I'm doomed.
  13. I was more thinking Police drummer Copeland! Pops was supposedly a US Spook!!!
  14. He was white? Oh you mean a spook as in CIA.:clown:
  15. Interestingly, not only was Armstrong a naval aviator but, of the 12 men who have walked on the moon, 7 were Navy, 4 were Air Force and 1 was non-military (link).
  16. Did they land in the "Sea of Tranquillity"
  17. Rip to neil armstrong.
  18. As I heard someone succinctly put it on the telly. ‘Neil and his courageous colleagues proved that mankind need not be tied forever to planet earth’.

    RIP a very brave man.
  19. Fair winds and following seas...Neil Armstrong, Naval Aviator

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