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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by WindowLickerScribe, Apr 12, 2013.

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  1. I've wrote this and rewrote this, but I can't put this in a diplomatic way.

    I have a few grievances that needs to be put forward and get addressed as a result of what a career manager did. It's a complaint that does need to be made as I believe that I had been lied to in order to get me in the position I'm currently in.
    Would putting the complaint in through the service complaints commissioner be worthwhile as I'm not entirely comfortable with raising this through line management.
    If anyone has gone this route, how did they find it?
  2. I take it you can't speak to the bosses there? Not to stitch up Tidldy, but a PM might be worth it. He offered me some excellent advice over the complaint I had raised against me for bullying. Which you are aware of.

    Sorry Tiddly
  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    WLS: I empathise with your situation; I also believed I had been lied to about a particular post (although I didn't follow it up with a complaint).

    The current Complaints Procedure, as you probably know, has a defined path and timeline to follow, up to Board level. If your middle and senior management fail to comply with this procedure then I would imagine that it would highlight their incompetence and/or their complicity in the lie against you. Although I am not in a position to advise you, I might suggest that you consider this as your primary method of complaint and see what transpires; if you do not use the approved method, it might aggravate the circumstances and dilute your case somewhat. If that fails, then consider the SCC route.

    Good luck.
  4. Unfortunately not because one of them knows the individual in question. I'm actually quite angry at myself as well because I have let my standards slip because of being so hacked off at her. I'm really down on myself because I had been honest and upfront about getting injured on course, not being downgraded and trying to be positive about getting fit again.
    This job had been "sold" as being good for the career, dispensing gash information as she did so (alarm bells rang and I flagged it up). I genuinely feel like by agreeing to go, I've committed a huge career suicide and am hanging on a sliver of hope that the reports from my last place are good enough for promotion. If that happens, then I can write a 21 month draft off as a nightmare to never be repeated.

    Because of this one individual, I will never trust a career manager again.
  5. WLS I think most guys have had that nightmare draft, don't know your circumstances I had three, raised a complaint with the first went as far as the skipper and I got the drafting preference I was after, I was a PO at the time and on the signal for CPO just done 3 and a half years at sea last deployment lasting 10 months, it took bollocks and I shit myself but it was worth it. second time in the days before JPA and we had to raise Drafting Preference Cards I was drafted to sea after only 6 months ashore because due to separation from my first wife caused by a previous draft I wanted to go back to sea because I couldn't afford to be ashore so I ticked the box prepared to go to sea with less than normal drafting rules then forgot about it got a draft chit to a destroyer deploying for six months to the gulf and my daughter was due to be born mid way through because I wasn't married I couldn't get the pusser to pay my flight home but I bit the bullet and deployed. Third time they shafted me I thought fcuk it a WO1 with 30 years in just back from Iraq in 03 I went wobble and for the first time got downgraded P7RD, my advice is do it mate and you will find that despite your trepidation you'll feel that at least someone has to listen to your grievance and act upon it. Just a bit of advice from an old man!!
  6. WLS I have sent you a PM (although not sure if it went, can you confirm?)

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