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fuzziesrkool said:
My stepson has recently applied to join the Navy and has passed his recruitment test. He will be 16 in December this year. After the test we all went and had a chat with the recruitment officer and he was pretty explicit about the level of fitness, qualifications etc that my stepson needs to get in and how difficult it can be. His dad and I are really struggling to get him to take his fitness and academic work seriously and are worried that if he doesn't get a wiggle on he will miss the boat (pardon the pun). I am really looking to see if we can get in touch with someone who might be able to help him to decide what job he wants to apply for and perhaps give him a bit of a short sharp shock about the level of fitness needed.
Any help of advice would be really appreciated.

Worried stepmum


As he's only 16 he will have plenty of time to prepare. There are plenty of stories on here about lack of preparation etc. His problem will be that he will probably not get medicalled until he's within 12 months of joining.

Once he's got his medical done the best thing to do would be to book a Royal Navy Acquaint course/Rating prep course. They will tell him all about the RN, his chosen branch and he'll get a chance to do the Royal Navy fitness tests (including running, gym work and a swimming test).

I was down at Raleigh recently and they are quiet adamant that if someone isn't able to pass the fitness in the first couple of weeks then they will just send them home. The basic course is 9 weeks and they have to pass everything in that time.

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Hey, im 18, started my application with the RN when I was 17, am going in as an AET....
I think an idea would be speaking to your stepsons AFCO and getting them to book him on an RNAC (Royal Navy Aquaint Course)- and that's easy compared to Raleigh apparently.!
Its got a taste of the life anyways..
I struggle with my fitness all the time and force myself to go running and to the gym, but I make myself go because I know I want the career, I want the whole package, its not something you can go into half-heartedly, and I think your stepson has to realise this, and consider if it is 100% what he wants, and if so, to put some effort in, he may think that because he's got a huge wait for his post that he's got plenty of time but it pays to be prepared and he doesnt want to find himself trying to get the fitness standard up a few months before Raleigh.
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StixJimboRM said:
So, if he wants it badly enough then he needs to make sure that he is able to pass the RNFT (not PJFT times by the way, a little bit faster than that) comfortably in the first week of training.

I thought the new PJFT times the same as the the RNFT now? I'm sure they have changed recently.