Need to loose 10kg before march!

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by ChrisW, Nov 16, 2008.

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  1. Hi all, I recently passed my AIB but was told at the medical that I will be classed as "temporarily unfit" until I get my weight down from 104kg to 94kg. Im hoping to do this by march at the earliest so I can pass my medical and be considered for a place at the BRNC at the next intake in April.

    At the moment I'm watching what I eat, cutting out crisps, chocolate and fizzy drinks and cutting down on booze. Ive also started running 4-6 miles a day 5 times a week

    Im just wondering if anybody else on this forum has been in this situation? and what worked for you?

  2. I'm not taking the P mate, but have you thought of WeightWatchers?

    March seems like quite a while away but it will race around before you know it and its worth trying anything to find something that works :)
    Good luck btw ;)
  3. Ok,try and reduce the amount of Fat in your diet,when shopping LOOK at the fat content,you will be amazed at how much "hidden" fat there is in what you might consider Low fat items.Remember,the amount of energy you take in must be used up or it will be turned into Fat.Try High fiber foods,such as All bran and Bran flakes with skimed milk and a hand full of rasins or other dries fruit instead of sugar,these will fill you up and will stave off food cravings.If peckish,have an apple or other fruit.Good luck with the weight loss.

    Oh,and cut down on your alcohol intake as well.
  4. Lamri makes a very good point. My missus decided she wanted to lose a bit of weight after the kids and joined weightwatchers. It's not about eating certain foods, or not as the case may be. It's about portion control and being aware of what the calorie content of food is. It's based around a points system and you're given a daily points total. You base your scran choices around what your points allowance is. Doing phys earns you extra points too.
    Stick to the plan and it works. Did for my missus anyway.
  5. Stop eating pies :thumright:
  6. Hi Chris,

    I too was told I was "temporarily unfit" at my medical last year. I have to agree with the other guys on this - Weight Watchers!!! I had to lose 10 kg.

    After 4 months of regular running, cutting out booze/junkfood and following the points values etc I manged it and I didn't go to one meeting.....I just bought the points guide book :D (oh and lots of will power lol).

    I shall hopefully get my new joining date asap so it's all going to worth it :)

    Good luck :thumright:
  7. HAHAHAHAHA atleast your not the other side. My mates weight is 6 and half stone. What a tit god know how he is so light. i can pick him up with my little finger.
  8. I'm 6"1 and weigh about 104kg, will they fail me at the medical??
  9. Look up "Low GI diet" & follow the guidance, includes ditching tea and coffee, for good reason.
    It's a mindset thing. Snack on fruit between meals, keeps your blood sugar more steady (beats the hunger pangs).
    Oh, and stop taking the mickey...
    a) stop booze altogether (either you're taking it seriously, or not really trying) drink lots of water, to keep you hydrated and stop you feeling peckish
    b) Stop loafing, there are two more days that you could be doing 5 miles each.
    Stop using lifts, use the stairs and put fitness back into your life.
    Find out how many miles you need to run/walk to work off a 1/4 pounder, or a pint of beer, or bottle of red wine. Then work out how far you really walk during the week. That's what made me eat less, walk more.
  10. Fat doesn't make you fat
  11. To the OP, 10kg by March should be a doddle and it sounds like you're already on the right track.

    25miles a week is a lot though, especially if you're not used to it. Build yourself up slowly.
  12. Face up to it, like a lot of people to-day tring to join up, you`re a fat knacker, ask yourself why?
  13. I've just asked myself
  14. Did you get an answer?
  15. No, I was busy eating, I'll ask meself again later!!
  16. You might get your BMI down by DEC if you do it as has been suggested above...just remember christmas is just around the corner with all the perils of over eating because mum always says have some more....and stay away from beer...after your in and finished basic by all means get back into it...wot? yeah mate just be like all the other sailors..oops didnt see the club swinger there. :w00t: :w00t:

    Good luck losing the weight :thumright:
  17. I would think its highly likely mate. I would advise you to pre-empt the medical and start losing some weight now. Im 6"5 and at my medical weighed 105kg. Im also not a fat knacker, I play a lot of rugby and as such spend quite a bit of time in the gym, however I was still classed as over by the Doc. I was classed TMU and told to get under 28 BMI (100kg). I would suggest you do the same, however it MAY differ dependant on the doc you get but dont chance it.
  18. Hey I recommend trying the desert diet. Full kit and body armour. Run around like a [email protected] dodging bullet will soon get that weight down chunky! Mind you might have to get your hands dirty Sir!
  19. You know if you eat breakfast then your less likely to snack on crisps and biscuits- which p.s are the WORST things in terms of containing fat. It's also advisable to eat little and often.
  20. Fat doesn't make you fat

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