Need some help!!

Hi all, I'v been wanting to find out If I would still be able to work as a Door supervisor when you would be on leave.
Be great if anyone could help answer it for me?


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You need to get permission from the RFA to work when you're on leave but I've been told it's possible. They're more likely to say no if you're planning on working at sea.


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The only potentially negative aspect of this particular occupation is, in my experience of those joining the RN/RM, the seemingly high potential frequency of the requirement to appear in court. Obviously this depends on the venue where you work, but it could cost you your fulltime job, if for example, you're required in court when your meant to be flying to Dubai to join your ship. I've lost count of the number of people in this particular occupation who've had to defer entry due to the requirement to go to court.

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