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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by cmontheroyals, Mar 29, 2008.

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  1. hello again people. i really need some advice. i don't know whether to join the royals or to go to uni, get a management degree and get a civvy job. i like the lifestyle the royal marines offer and the mates you would make but i also like the amount of money that comes with the civvy job. i really don't know what to do lads so i would be grateful for any advice you could give me. thanks in advance for any replies. cheers
  2. To be a Royal Marine you must be committed. I think you may have answered your own question?

    Have a nice day
  3. whays your age firstly? im in the last year of my degree will be 21 when i finish and im going to join as soon as i get my degree hopefully as a bootneck rather than an officer, the up side of having the degree is you dont need to worry about getting a trade when your in cos you got the degree to fall back on if you ever leave
  4. alrite mate first of all thanks for the reply im 16 taking my gcse's in june then onto a levels but i dnt know whether to join from a levels or go on and do a degree im hoping to go in as a bootneck as well wudnt really want to be an officer tats good thinking from u :thumright: getting the degree and then at least u have something to fall back on cheers mate!
  5. and cheers IDOITDEEPER as well, i really do want to be a royal but im just thinking about things like trying to buy a house etc it would be easier on civvy pay in a management job but then you would miss out on all the craic of being in the royals
  6. no probs mate, entirely up to you its a big decision to make I was the same at 16 and can honestly say im glad ive waited got my a levels studied for the degree as its gave me a lot of time to fine tune my fitness and strength levels and also gave me a chance to see what I want to do with my life and can say for defo its got to be the marines best of luck what ever you decide to do in any case
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    You either:

    1. Do it and enjoy.

    2. Do it, identify it's not for you (and leave- after 4 weeks but before 26 weeks)

    3. Don't bother trying but always wonder: "What if?"

    Safest option? Don't.

    Option 3 already identifies it's not for you.
  8. cheers lads 4 the replies, i dont want option 3 to happen to my ninja_stoker! i think i will go get the degree and then i can give it a go that way if i fail or whatever ill b gutted but at least ill have the degree to get a job with cheer lads for the help!
  9. I believe I can be of some assistance here!

    I went to uni and it helped me decide how much I didn't want a civvy job etc so I cracked on got a degree and then joined the corps and still have something to fall back on, universities a laugh anyway you may aswell do it for the fun.
  10. Agree with mattmeister. Currently in my 1st year of uni and was thinking about jacking it in and joining now but decided to get the degree first. It shows you have a certain level of aptitude, commitment and staying power aswell as giving you a bit of life experience. And of course its bloody good fun :)
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The advantage of joining with a degree, providing you join as an Officer, is that you double your starting pay from @£14K to nearly £28K.

    There are Marines that have graduated who join as other Ranks (ie: not Officers) but they start on £12,600, the same as any other individual without a degree.

    It would be interesting, now that income is based on qualifications rather than age upon joining (because of age discrimination legislation), whether those joining with a Degree as an Other Rank should be entitled to more pay than their peers without qualifications. Sooner or later, doubtless the MoD will be taken to task on that one.
  12. The Degree is a good cushon if you find that you are not cut out for the marines i for one will definatly give the marines my best shot once i finish my degree (6 months - final year) as for pay i beleive the ranks should warrant the same pay as an officer as i beleive that qualifications are irrelevant once on the ground and fighting for the corps each marine (officer or marine) deserves a higher rate of pay in any case
  13. For what its worth a degree is perishable, if you get one then don't use it then it's not going to be of any real use to you when you leave. If you've taken a vocational degree then chances are things will have moved on since you completed it, so it adds no value. If you've done a more academic degree then not exploiting it as soon as you've got it suggests a lack of judgement.

    A successful career in the Corps is going to be more use to you after six or eight years than having a six or eight year old degree.
  14. Didnt think of it that way, still i think i would trade the degree for a green lid any day
  15. Think about what the degree will be in tho. Current Government policy seems to be to ensure every school leaver gets a degree in something - lots of BAs working in shoe shops! Make it worthwhile.
  16. cheers for all the advice lads its been a great help!;)
  17. Is Ninja your property... o_O ...or have you already named your special sock Ninja? :lol:

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