Need some advice please guys

Hi my names James i'm 18 from Leeds and i'm looking into joining the navy as an Air Engineering Technician.
So what i need is some advice with all i mainly do is weight train and i'm built at 6 ft 2. 11.4 stone and i don't do much cardio but i went for a run earlier and i did 2.4 km in just over 11 min but i was carb depleted as i'm doing a low carb cutting cycle so i have no idea what id run it in carbed up i have checked the fitness and i would pass but ideally i want to get to around 9 or 10 min run time any advice guys much appreciated side note i'm a smoker and i don't care what you say i'm not going to quit smoking .


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It's quite straight forward, you need to focus on cv fitness. If you want to do weights, don't use any supplements - they're not allowed. Use lighter weights, increase the reps. Don't run every day, mix it up with runs, cycles & swims. Aim to keep your bmi below 25 for joining.

Bin the tabs.


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Aesthetic? I take that to mean you think you look pretty but you can't run?

Stop drinking that shite and eat properly.

Raleigh runs its recruits on carbs not protein (you might get a very small portion if you're lucky fnar), and if they say you're not smoking, you're not smoking.
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What i ment was i never ever go running and i ran 2.4 km in just over 11 min so i don't think that's bad at all. all i do is use rowing machine weighted dips at 15 kg weighted pull ups at 10 kg 3 sets of 60 sit ups 3 sets of 35 press ups 50 oblique crunches 30 kg squats and hit training my diet is good i'm only carb depleting as i'm on a cutting cycle when i'm carbed up obviously i have more energy ie i could of ran it faster. i have a good diet usually i have mod carbs low fat mod protein and i don't have access to a treadmill so after my cutting cycle i will do my usual routine but i'll add some running in and for swimming i'm not sure how big the pool is but i can do 10 lengths at my local sports center and i'm not stopping smoking unless they tell me to and what i ment by aeshetic is i'm cut...
And guys please don't think i'm being disrespectful as i'm really not and i don't want you to think that and i'll think about stopping the whey protein but i really don't want to lose muscle when iv'e worked so hard to build it and i smoke as it calms me down not an excuse but i have a very annoying stressful job.

Aside from the physical considerations, I would strongly recommend that you have a look at the format of the test which all applicants have to sit, the RT and work really hard on your preparations for that, as it is the gateway to the whole application process.

Each job has a required score in the RT which has to be reached for the candidate to be considered for that particular role and some have required part scores too. I see that you are interested in applying to be an Air Engineering Technician. The score required for Engineering jobs is higher than most of the others and there are required part scores too, which reflect the need for a good level of mechanical comprehension and numeracy, amongst other things.

It would be a shame if your focussing on the above caused you to neglect your preparation for the RT and thus be out of the consideration for the job in which you are interested.

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