Need some advice asap


War Hero
To become a Royal Marine, the phrase "It's a State of Mind" very much applies. Primarily it means "Believe in Yourself" and it means "Don't give up" or "Don't Wrap". A lot of people like the idea, but wholly underestimate what is required. The more shrewd take less time to achieve failure.

To my mind, whilst many would scoff or disagree, becoming a Commando, a Diver or a Para for that matter, is akin to joining special forces and that is why they were all termed 'special ops' during WW2. The standard entry and training criteria remains unchanged.

If you have what it takes, you'll prepare yourself adequately and pass selection.

Ultimately, your call, all you need do to change your branch is speak to your careers adviser sooner rather than later.

Don't go for a fallback option which you later regret and be aware if you later aspire to transfer to the Corps, your former service record affects it and there is always a return of service required if you complete training for a different job (usually 30 months) before you can consider transferring or leaving to apply afresh.

Good luck.