Need my Contract Asap for Visa Reasons


Hi all,

I’m joining BRNC in September, my fiancé is not a British citizen and is currently in the process of applying for her marriage visa and needs my new contract to confirm that she can be my dependent.
Is there any way to get a copy of my contract sent to me in the next week or two? If so who would I contact?
I’ll be phoning my Liaison Officer tomorrow but thought I’d put out a feeler here.

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Your ACLO should be able to give you a provisional offer of service letter, which should suffice. The contract is issued by BRNC I believe, but it maybe possible to get a drop copy.

The contract of employment makes no mention of dependents, it just states the job offer, duration and basic terms and conditions of service (minimum term of service, the right of the service to terminate employment during training, liability to serve on submarines, merchant vessels taken up from trade, etc).

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