Need information for after hms raleigh


im struggling to find information for what happens after hms raleigh. I assume that is phase 1 from what I've read.

Need information on phase 2 and then after that more information. Such as where I could be deployed

Any useful links with all of this information. Would be highly appreciated thank you


So after the phase 2 training most likely for me collingwood.

I could then be deployed to one of three bases. Hmnb Portsmouth, Clyde or Devonport?


Literally all the information you've asked for, or from what it sounds like needed for the interview can be found on the official RN Careers page. Just find what role you're applying for, almost everything you will need to know will be there or relatively easy to find.


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Then yes, you will go to Collingrad, not "most likely" but definitely. You won't be "deployed" to one of 3 Naval bases, you'll get drafted to anywhere that needs you. Ships/submarines "deploy" to areas of operations which may sound pedantic but as you're going to be a communicator you'll find there is a world of difference between being deployed and drafted.


Zeb its Raleigh first for a month or two for Seamanship then Collingwood for the rest of phase 2 for Tactical Training, coz its exactly the same as what im doing


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Actually the sea spec course (p2) starts at collingwood and then back to Raleigh

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