Need ideas/oppinions.

Everyone knows the WMIK is good at putting the rounds down but is a little pants in defence. Also any VMs on will know that halfshafts,bearings, front and rear springs and dampers need changing every 200 miles!
The kevlar plates are a defensive afterthought and add too much to the weight of the vehicle, too much weight puts stress on other componants and before you know it you have a mechanic's nightmare! a vehicle that needs constant attention.

So, what would you like to see as its replacement? Vector is overwieght and vulnerable sits men over the front axle's, as does the Jackal, thats designed to protect itself but not so much its passengers.

Am not here for a bunfight about capabilities of vehicles, there is vehicle required out there that is not currently in service. A sub 5 ton armoured weapons platform, the fire power of a WMIK but with armour and extensive offroad capabilities.

What would you want to see on a new vehicle?


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A vehicle procured on time, suitable for purpose & cheap together with a guaranteed anti-perforation warranty would be a starter.

Problem is the better the armour, the slower the vehicle, the bigger the bomb as has always been the case.
I agree, but people get caught up with putting the maximum amount of armour on they can possibly fit. Turns the vehicle into something totally different to what was needed in the first place, hence the snatch and WMIKs still in service.

An armoured vehicle can always be taken out by a prepared IED, the better armour the bigger the IED as the USMC Cougars have found out! But protection from RPG and HV 7.62 would be a start!

Composite ceramic armour is 5x lighter and 70% stronger than the equivelent steel alternative. yes it costs a little more but maybe its time to spend the money and save some lifes?? crazy notion I know!

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