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Need help

Had my interview and everything went great and then it went on to my finances because i am 28 living with my partner and we have a mortgage, loan etc etc, they were not willing to put me thru to the next stage without filling in a form about our joint income and expediture is this a polite way of saying get lost? Since the CPO said my interview was great and their only concern is my current finances since i am a little older and have commitments but at the moment my other half is a teacher so is on a good wage and actually the main bread winner at the moment, we know that she would be supporting me thru the training stages.

i am told i have a month to decide whether to fill in the finances form in and get back intouch, i have completed it already as the interview was yesterday and going to drop it off asap but wanted to know if anyone had a little insight as to whether i was basically being told in a nice way "thanks but no thanks!!"

If they meant "Thanks but no thanks", they would have told you so.

Asking you to complete the financial forms means the RN is still interested.

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