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Need help with old Naval record


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I have my grandpa's certificate of service from 1934; I am a little unsure of what some of the certain meanings are. Take this for an example;

Awarded WS9 (6) from 3rd sept 1945

I also thought this may have been some interest, for the older generation of RR. The signatures on his service recordbelong to the following C.O.'s;

S.H. Freybeng
J. Jacobes

He also served on;

Victory - 38/39
Raupura (I think but cannot read it well) - 39 to the end of 39.
Saleer II 39-42
Asbury - 42
Sakes 43-44
Victory 44-45
Gooling 45-46

The above may be spelt wrong as it is hard to read the writing. I'd be very grateful if some one knew anything about the above, bases/ships and what ever he was awarded.

Thank you

Jenny, I remembered reading something about HMS ASHBURY in some book or other (I'll dig further). In the interim a glance through various pages of the web suggests there was a HMS ASHBURY in Rhode Island, USA - FAA base ... ? (see dodgy link). I think it served as some form of holding establishment for displaced personnel (no doubt someone else knows better).
My Grandpa was based in the USA for 2yrs during his service, Washington if I am not mistaken but I am not sure.

I have a photo of the RN playing the US army at football next to the white house.

Thanks for the help!
Could it be that Raupura was Ranpura and armed Merchant Cruiser. Try a google on them all JD, put hms in front and it cuts the search down
Thanks Janner, my Grandpa was a leading gunner also.

Think it may have been HMS Salter II instead of saleer, that ring a bell? Far I have;

Victory - 38/39

Raupura (I think but cannot read it well) - 39 to the end of 39. - This could actually be HMS Ranpura, seeing as he was a gunner.

Saleer II 39-42 - This could have been HMS Salter II

Asbury - 42 -HMS Ashbury , Rhode Island USA. I know he was based in the USA for 2yrs, some where near the white house. I have a photo of him playing 5 a side football against some US Army guys.

Sakes 43-44 - Unsure of what this is

Victory 44-45

Gooling 45-46 - HMS Gosling, did they have gunners there?

Also the following ships are mentioned but his naval records are hard to read, I know this from what he used to sayabout ships he served on;

HMS Arethusa
HMS Cleopatra
Feck me JD I'm not that old :lol: I have found that with a lot of the queries that come up a Google search often gives an answer. I am trying to track my Fathers records during ww2, sadly he served in Harry Tates Navy (Google it) and the records are sketcy to say the least, instead of individual boats served on it seems to give just the depot ships.
There are lots of references to HMS Asbury on various sites but they don't lead anywhere except to say that she was in the americas and canada area during WW2.
Going through my family records and history in hopes to uncover a little mor eof my Grandpa's Naval history, I thought I'd go a little further back and found this. Suprising what you find out about family!
Hello there JD,
I'm trying to obtain information on my Grandads Naval History.
One area i'm having trouble getting info on is any medals he was awarded as a gunner on the HMS Jamaica during the Korean War. Any suggestions or sites?

Cheers mate!
Jamaica was at Korea --she was at the Inchon landings and also has the distinction as being the first United Nations ship to shoot down a enemy aircraft.

Two medals were issued for Korea one was the UK Korea medal and the other one was the UN Korea medal qualifying dates were the period from July 1950 till July 1953 inclusive. Most Navy personnel qualified for both medals.

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