Need help with drinking games

I need some inspiration for friday night I have a pack of cards to help?

I know the blowing a pack of cards off a pint one
Aswell as shat head and word association drinking.

What other games are there to play and get drunk with? I will have a group of around 15. Thanks in advance.
Dirty Pint :D

The game uses a central drinking glass and a coin, its really easy and fun.

Each player takes it in turns. On their turn, they put any amount of their own drink they choose into the central drinking glass (the 'Dirty Pint'). They then must toss a coin, calling which side they predict it will land on.

If they choose correctly, then the Dirty Pint is passed to the next player. He/she then adds their chosen amount and then tosses then coin themselves.

If they choose incorrectly, they must down whatever is in the Dirty Pint at that time.

muahaha :D make sure you have plenty of different drinks there!


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Here's a good one. It's called "What the fuck??"

When everyone gets round, make sure you ply them with drink so they get as rat arsed as possible.

Sit them round the table and ensure that you have shuffled the cards.

Throw the entire pack into the face of the person opposite you and he/she should shout "What the fuck??"

If they do, you can windmill in to everyone else.

If they don't, kick them repeatedly until they do.

It's for winners.


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Deck landing.

Did it once and once only and it hurt.

A lot (table too close to wall, alcohol dulled the senses until the following morning).
"who gets date raped?"

One tablet (of dubious origin), a game of roulette using bottles of Smirnoff Ice, and an arse the size of a windsock the next day. A game you can play with strangers aswell.


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Duck Run Derby

Place empty pint glass on floor and mark a line about 10 feet away.

Contestants grip a 2p piece between their cheeks and then walk/waddle to pint pot, stand over it and release 2p in to pot. Organise in to two teams etc Especially good when girls are joining in and need help with initial positioning of 2p :)


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Crisp Jenga

A bottle of still alcopop such as Reef (it is easier to neck than fizzy) and a packet or two of crisps.

Each player takes a turn at placing a crisp (larger than a 50p piece) on top of the bottle.

If a player disturbs the stack of crisps, they must neck the drink (a straw helps for speed-drinking).

Keep the bottles lined up and have a sick-bucket handy - someone may chuck :wink:
Search ring of fire on google. Probaly the best game for getting pissed quickly and fun.

If you can't find it I'll explain, but will take a while lol.
Drinking game when there are only two people:

WhoDat. One bottle of spirits or slab of tinnies each, to be consumed between dits. When bottles/cans are all empty, one person leaves the room and the other must guess who that was before falling asleep.

For Larger groups:

A good fallback option is the timeless Spoof. No cards are needed, it just needs a little alertness/guile and the drinking can be paced. (Some Scotsmen may find difficulties as it involves both coins AND pockets)

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