Need Help with badges on 4s

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by nickelstack, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. Hey All,

    Im new here and wasnt sure if this was the right section to post in but here goes...

    Im in a bit of a pickle and need some help with badges.

    I recently picked up acting PO's and therefore need to sort out badges on no 4's - i dont wear no 4's at work and normally im deployed to land ops so usuallt in cs95 - anyways im due at SRCC in a few weeks clearly i'll need 4s there. Where i work im the only RN and surrounded by army medics and have no point of reference as to how the badges are postioned on the shirt. I need to know exactly where to put the branch badge, and anchors.

    really appreciate any help you can provide, tried looking on the net for pictures or information but to no avail.

    thanks alot
  2. I'm not falling for that......
  3. Trade Badge on you Right arm Anchors on your left. BET YOU WILL BE THE SMARTEST ON PARADE AND THE GI's WILL LOVE YOU!
  4. Hand it in to your nearest RN establishment and get the seamstress to do it.

  5. Almost credible until you mentioned "the anchors" :roll:
  6. You only wear your rate badges on your sleeve when your in No 1's, not your 4's as in the original bite
  7. PM Thingy,he deals with this sort of thing
  8. Don't forget the red anchors to be sewn onto wooly pully left arm..!
  9. I've got a locker with an anchor in if that's any help. :lol:
  10. There's also a big one :oops: up by the Hoe
  11. its a genuine request here fellas - im stuck in birmingham working in the hospitals here. Nearest naval establishment is like 200 miles away :(
  12. Fcuck it, i'll bite. Branch badge - right arm 4cm down from shoulder seam, central to the natural crease. "Anchors" or rate badge only on your ovies, same place left arm, NOT on your 4's.

    If this is a bite I'll wind your guts out on a stick.
  13. Go to an AFCO - ask to use a PC, access the defence intranet and look for BR81. :roll:
  14. Surely if you're receiving your acting PO's rate you've been in long enough to have seen other PO's No's 4 rig lol
  15. As Monty says and get loads of epaulette rate slides for 4's and 3's. How the fcuk did you manage to get to PO without knowing how to dress yourself or wear the correct rig 8O
  16. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Oh no its not... HMS Forward (complete with RN permanent staff present during the day), on Broad Street, sorry Sampson Road North.... sorry again (old fart getting flashbacks), Venetia Road off Garrison Lane near the Blues Ground.
  17. Left arm for your twin *******...err anchors.... :roll:
  18. Think it would be highly Possible!!! in this Modern day navy? listening to the newbies,and this Allegedly Bone "Skin" PO :oops: :oops: You wouldnt have to ask if you had done this!!!
  19. well sadly im in a medical trade that has more links to the army than to the navy, there were active talks last year about us getting absorbed into the army (which is shit) we have a couple of billets on the 2 carriers but thats it for sea - other than that its iraq/afghan/iraq/afghan/iraq constantly

    Its been 6 years since i have been near anything resembling a naval establishment. Getting a pair of pusser socks is impossible in birmingham. The stores guy here deals with all the pongo and crabfat twunts quite well but insists that nelson wont help him with naval stores.

    wear 3's all the time on the job here. I got to PO because i know my job and passed for it, not because i couldnt dress meself :lol: :lol: SRCC is going to be funny though - going to be so hard adjusting back to a navy way of life after so long with the army. :oops: :oops:

    anyways thanks guys for the help i really appreciate it 8)
  20. i tried them they were not willing to help because we arent on their "strength" twatting reserve stores guy about as helpful as a kick in the pants

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