Need help urgently

i have to wear my no1s to my mums funeral on Friday, the problem i have is that i have forgotten what way round the silk goes.

My description might be a bit hard to understand so i appologise now.
The long straps that go over the shoulders and are velcroed at the back have an edge that is open and one that is closed (like if you folded a piece of paper), what i want to know is which edge faces outwards and which faces inwards, the open oor closed. I remember being told which way it should go but have totally forgotten.

Any help will be appreciated.....If anyone can understand what i am going on about
so the folded edge is facing towards the centre of the body and the edge that has the two bits of material on top of each other faces out?

Sorry just making sure we are both imagining it the same way

Thanks again

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