Need Help on the medical!

Hi there, i am new to this forum! Just wanted to ask a question and hopefully someone can answer!

Last week i went to the doctor and was prescribed an inhaler however i was not diagnosed with asthma and I have never been asthmatic in my life i.e. ive never had an asthma attack or anything close in my whole life. The in haler was prescribed along with hayfever medication and i have yet to use the inhaler as i dont believe im asthmatic! I am perfectly fit and can run the 1.5 miles in the time required and I cycle 105 miles a week, wil this prescription ruin my chances of getting into the Navy even though the doctor prescribed the inhaler to rule out asthma????

please help!!
ahh thanks very much-there is still very much a grey area about this subject but all i can do is apply and see what happens. Hopefully if i can explain my case and get the doctor to verify that i do not need inhalers or have asthma then I may have a chance! Thanks :)


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Again, the issue with regard the prescribing of inhalers & the claim of it not actually being prescribed for asthma depends on the GP's medical notes.

A person that gets prescribed an inhaler, having a previously recorded history of asthma, is going to have an uphill struggle trying to convince anyone that it was for something totally unrelated. A person with no recorded history of asthma is more likely to be directed to keep a peak flow diary, providing they score reasonably high when medically assessed at the AFCO.

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