Need Help Joining from Commonwealth

Hi everyone,

I am currently having a hard time applying from the Commonwealth, I am aware of the 5year residency rule however the navy takes about 50 persons each year form commonwealth countries who doesn't satisfy this regulation. The problem is i am having difficulties when it comes to getting any information as to the dates these opportunities open, the rolls requested or if the process for me would be slightest different. Any info or help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.
P.s. My girlfriend got accepted in 2016, just started PRNC in January, but it was different for her as the recruiters came to my country, i was however away on a business trip. "just my luck"


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There is no automatic annual waiver of the residency requirement for Commonwealth citizens wishing to join the UK Armed Forces. There never has been.

There was a waiver granted for about 300 Commonwealth citizens a year or two back, the first granted for several years, the Navy were granted fifty of those. The UK government determines when they are prepared to grant a waiver and for how many.

Last time, we were oversubscribed by about 8 applicants for every place permitted.

If the government announces a waiver, the RN website will reflect this under a change in the stated residency requirement. In the interim, all you can do is register an interest online. This does not mean that you have a place, nor does it mean the service will notify you of a change in the residency requirement.

All we can advise is that individuals resident overseas regularly check the residency requirement. Unfortunately we cannot predict when or if the government are next likely to change anything.

Last time it happened the Army filled their quota before the Navy and closed applications. The RN were then innundated with about 400 applicants.

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