need help! 845nas 1992-2002

Ive been requested to complete a presentation on the involvement of 845NAS in Bosnia any sort of information would be very usefull!

if need be you can send me emails!


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Who are you? What do you want it for, school, work etc?
Does google not come up with anything?

If you give some info first you might get something.
I am a handler(NA) in the navy currently at VL. Like i stated i need it for a presentation i have been requested to do on that topic. Google was my first source for information and the squadron itself was my second altho i have had no such luck atm. Google provided very little on the topic! this might be because this event was not documented very well.

So this has resulted on me visiting some forums and seeking information from people who were there.


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the dock yard dandy did cover some of the stuff they did out there so they may be able to help. Try also the other junglie sqdns as they will have people who were there at the time.


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I'm afraid our pre-digital era archive is a bit chaotic, but we do have a completely searchable series of pdfs of the paper going back to 1990.

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