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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by dee_muppet, Feb 11, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys and gals

    Have been wondering this for a while so thought i would now post it. I will be joining up in June and was wondering whether or not i should keep or sell my car? After Basic training are you able to keep a car at the base? Or would i use it enough to warrant paying the incredibly hefty insurance each month?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. You can keep your car on site after completing Phase 1. If it was me I'd keep the car for weekenders etc, Going on draft and lugging all your kit about is a total pain. It's also surprising how many mates you have when you've got a set of wheels.
  3. You have off think of the taxi's you are likely to take against the car insurance!!! The convenience of getting from door to door not lugging masses of dhobying for dear mum to do on a short weekend!!! The list is endless.

    As has been said, mates will always like a car driver!!!! ££££££££££££££££ Mess taxi!!
  4. And having the car means you're not relying on trains to get you home and back.

    Engineering works on a Sunday can add hours and hours to your journey time...

  5. Ah thanks guys! Do many people have cars or is it few and far between?
  6. I will be using my car when I join up.
  7. As varied in the mob as outside, some do, some don't.
  8. C
    Keep it you will be very,very popular!!
  9. 5 hour journey with 3 bags & a suitcase isn't much fun on public transport as i'll be experiencing tomorrow :\
  10. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    And who have you got to blame? How many months have you had at Sultan to crack out your driving licence?

    All those wasted hours after the dogs when you could have been banging at least one lesson in a week. Something to think about swampy during your next draft.
  11. I've got my driving licence, but thought you had to be 21/25 to hire a car, bit too late to swap! I'll be buying a car in Cornwall hopefully.
  12. I love how that nickname has stuck.
  13. Just FYI, they're called 'horseless carriages' down there. Quickfit Wheelwrights will re-shoe your wheels.

  14. Check prices, it used to be better to buy in Bristol, run it for 6 months and sell in Guzz at a profit and start again. Thing may have altered but its worth checking.
  15. You can hire a car as long as you have a licence. You will just have to pay the under 25 surcharge (think it was £40 the last time I did it) and you will only be allowed there smallest cars, normally something like a Corsa.
  16. ........and avoid any excess charges by taking along your own plastic seat covers, Swampy. :wink:
  17. And they are all f'ing maniacs!
    The only code they know is a 'code in the node'
    Watch yourself and be very, very cautious and don't be used as a taxi either. It might make a few bob but puke doesn't clean easily off modern fabric seats.
    Endlessly hanging around in car parks (unless you are that way inclined) for your mates to 'just have one more' isn't exactly a bundle of laughs either.
    Yes I'd have the car but I'd keep it tucked as much under my hat as possible; remember it is your bit of freedom, your way out of the place - keep it for that!
  18. I'll be bringing a PSV license with me so I should be way popular.... :applaud:

  19. I'd keep that on a very much need to know basis^~
    Trust me that many moons ago I got caught out by this; ferry so called 'mates' around cost me dearly, both financially and personally.
  20. In my youth having a car meant that you could shag in comfort rather than trying to get your end away down an alley or in a telephone box, however I believe that in todays RN you are allowed to take women (or men) back to your cabin for a shag.
    I'm really annoyed for once I reckon the modern RN scores over the old one:mrgreen:

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