Need an old & bold Jack Dusty to date me!

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Bilgepump, Sep 6, 2009.

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  1. Not figuratively obviously, but to put a period to this trailer I spotted last week. Driving towards Leeds Bradford airport in my truck on the way to Yeadon, I suddenly noticed an old looking articulated lorry trailer on a forecourt at the side of the road with SSTO(N) FASLANE in big letters on the side of it.
    Now, during my few years as a Jack Dusty I can remember from the early days (in no particular order)
    1. SNSO/SVSO
    2. Supt RNSD
    3. SSTO(N)
    4. PSTO(N)
    5. Then different names about every year up till DLogs when I called it a day.
    This post may not seem very important, but if someone could put a period to this trailer that ties in with my own guess, I would then be able to stop worrying about it and concentrate on more important things in my life.
  2. This post reminds me of the Film Force 10 from Naverone, theres a scene when Harrison Ford is by some trains & the wagons are marked PSTO(N) but they are supposed to be in Greece!
  3. That was filmed in Devonport dockyard in 1978/9.
  4. I knew we sold London Bridge to the Septics but hadn't realised the Hellenic Navy has acquired Guzz. I never realised Labour were that sneaky!
  5. Methinks this was to do with the rank of the post holder:
    1. SNSO/SVSO was in use in the 50s/60s (my Old Man worked for SNSO Devonport), and was still in use for sometime after I joined in '61.
    2. A Superintendent would be in charge of one of the lesser store depots (Deptford, Coventry), although there was a Superintendent at Eaglescliffe before it became SPDC, with an equivalent raise in Command level.
    3. SSTO(N) would be an interim step before PSTO was introduced - I think this came in during the late 60s.
    4. Would be the Head of a large Naval Stores organisation - Guzz, Faslane, early 70s I think.
  6. Generally bimbling around the Site and I found this.

    The appointments of PSTO(N), SASO/SNSO/SVSO, SSTO(N), STO(N) and DSTO(N) (in order of seniority) continued up to the disbandment of the Royal Naval Supply and Transport Service in April '94. The RNSTS headshed at Faslane was Senior Supply and Transport Officer (Naval) (a Civil Service Prinipal Officer (now called B2s)) so was not entitled to be a PSTO(N)

    The old RNSTS Appointments continue today in Solid Support RFAs (the STONnery), Sembawang OFD and British Forces South Atlantic. I stand to be corrected on the latter 2 as remnants of the old regime are strongly discouraged.

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