Need AET help! Junglie? Harrier? Lynx? Merlin? Anything!?!?


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With a tear in my eye, and a lump in my throat, I thank the gracious registration form for allowing me sanctuary within this forum :thumright: .

RIGHT THEN! What I came for...

Basically, on 12th of December '07 I was accepted as an AET, I've now passed the fitness test and sent back my references, and am awaiting the return of my security clearance which I'm told could take up to another 2 - 4 weeks, after that I'll be given my entry date.

I've been putting a lot of thought into what aircraft I should opt for, I think after everything I've been told I am currently most interested in either Junglie or JFH/NSW.

I've been reading LOADS of stuff on this site about "What AET route" and "What A/C" etc etc to go for, but I'd really like to get a full on detailed explanation on both those routes, the Harrier one and the Junglie one, with the pros and cons (Brutal detail too :rambo: ) or, for that matter, any other route which I might like the sound of even better.

I appreciate that this has been discussed a lot before, but I've looked loads and my thirst for knowledge hasn't yet been satisfied!!

I eagerly await (hopefully at least) a dozen or so responces :thanks:

Thanks, Danny
Re: Need AET help! Junglie? Harrier? Lynx? Merlin? Anything!

Danny please realise this is only my opinion and it should be used as such. As you can see I am an ex Solider having served for 7 years as a Lynx Aircraft Tech - equivalent to AEM/AET. I am now working on the Merlin aircraft and have been for 2 years both aircraft as a senior rate supervisor so I`d like to think I`ve seen enough of both to say this: in terms of job satisfaction with an end product, working conditions and indeed workload - both are excellent however I`d have to say that the Junglie route for me was more " of an adventure " shall we say. There are of course downsides to both but I`m sure you`ll find them out for yourself. Having spent 16 years on 5 different aircraft types all I can say mate is enjoy it - you`ll get to go to some fantastic places as well as the crud. But definately go for it and get as much out of the service as you can because believe me they will out of you - hope this helps mate.
Re: Need AET help! Junglie? Harrier? Lynx? Merlin? Anything!

I know how you feel mate its a big decision that I am trying to make my self. Which aircraft gets most sea time and visits most places? I think I want to go jungley my self but I have heard its hard to get a spot especially for a 16 year old.
Re: Need AET help! Junglie? Harrier? Lynx? Merlin? Anything!

Cheers for that ExPongo, that definately helps!

So, what's Junglie like for promotion? And I'm guessing you'd be based in Yeovilton? What's the accommodation like there? Just out of curiousity.


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Danny86: Be aware what ever aircfaft you get, not all of your time as an AET will be spent on a squadron, ashore or afloat. You can expect a variety of other tasks eg: Instructing, admin etc.

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Re: Need AET help! Junglie? Harrier? Lynx? Merlin? Anything!

Promotion for an AET is fantastic - it makes no difference what aircraft you work on. It all comes down to exam results and performance in the job. If you are keen to get involved in all the tasks even the mundane ones ( which there are plenty of ) then you should have no problems. Now don`t take this as fact but so long as you keep your nose clean and get all your courses out of the way then realistically you could be a senior rate between 7 and 9 years - maybe quicker maybe slower. All in all working on aircraft is definately the way ahead and is very rewarding. As has been said you won`t neccessarily spend all your time at sea working on aircraft there are many varied roles within the FAA. As for accomodation well from what I`ve witnessed whilst on duty rounds I`m glad I`m married and living in my own house! But again different bases have different quality of living accom and they are updating it all the time - so it is a case of pot luck.
Re: Need AET help! Junglie? Harrier? Lynx? Merlin? Anything!

Thanks again guys!

So, obviously you don't always stay on base/ship/whatever, but when you're allocated a home base (If that's how it works!?) how often does that change?

Like, would I be attached to Yeovilton for a few years, then another, etc etc?
Danny in all honesty there is no defined period on how long you'll stay at each air station But since we currently only have two choices theres a good bet you will be drafted within the same air station.

As Expongo said promotion for AETs is good (probably the best its ever been) Regardless of which circuit you join and i would strongly advise that as soon as you join Sultan you approach your instructor and start looking into the possibilities of joining the Fast Track Scheme, Under this route you will have to perform significantly better than your peers But the rewards are substantial.

One thing to bear in mind is that Just because you set your heart on one A/C type it doesn't guarantee your acceptance to that circuit, At the end of the day Drafty has to fill billets.

On the accomodation side both Culdrose and Yeovilton have SLAM (which you will be able to apply for once training is completed) So you can have pretty much all the creature comforts you're used to at home.

Hope this helps

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Ahh right! Thank you, that's some really good advice!

What about the accommodation in RAF Cottesmore? If I end up choosing JHF.

This is my basic plan at the moment, short term - if all goes to plan;

Start off as Junglie, gain experiance and have the adventure etc, and later on go to Naval Strike Wing, work on the JHF just in time for the F-35B's to come into service on the new CVF's - that'll be well exciting!

I felt that learning "The Navy way" then starting on an RAF base and having to learn "The Air Force Way" was a bit like, silly without any practice!

I don't know, ideas?


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Re: Need AET help! Junglie? Harrier? Lynx? Merlin? Anything!

Well from my experience of Wessex 5's, Sea King 4's and Harrier FRS1's, its a bit difficult to change between the diffferent circuits, especially if your the lowest of the low, which you will be until your at least a S/R. You'll be squaded under what was Top Mast and be just another number within the circuit for Drafty to move about. And lets not forget with 3 front line squadron Junglie's to one second line, you'll be pushed to stay at Yeovilton. I can't speak from experince, but I believe Culdrose is the same with more front liners to second line billets. More likely to get instructor's duties at Sultan or by the time you pass the bouy Danny, St Athan in South Wales.

As for what accom is like at Cott/Witt, don't un-pack your bag as they're always away in Stan, or practising for the Stan in the future homeland for F35's, sunny Scotland.
Re: Need AET help! Junglie? Harrier? Lynx? Merlin? Anything!

Thanks :)

I'm not sure what you mean by "Second line billets" and "Front line billets" though.

All in all, I think I'm still more inclined for the Junglie route.
Youre obviously very keen at the moment. I suggest get your training under your belt and out the way. Drafty will fill the gaps he has so you might not get what you want. (It happens). Wherever you end up you'll be busy. Front line, Operational Sqn's. Second line training Sqn's, workshops if theres any left and Instructor billets when you go up the ranks. All front line time is an adventure !!! You get what you put in.
Re: Need AET help! Junglie? Harrier? Lynx? Merlin? Anything!

Haha, I didn't know up until a little while ago!

A Junglie is a Seaking Mk4 - the big f*ckers that carry the Royal Marines :)