Need advice WE(SM) or ME(SM)

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Wee-lad, Apr 25, 2016.

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  1. Hello all i want to join the royal navy and i am sure i want to go into the silent service but i am stuck between two jobs ME or WE. What role has the best career prospects after the navy ( if i wanted to leave), what role has the best benefits. thanks for any advice in advance

    Ps i have used the search function and can't find much on this topic
  2. Both have fully employable skills in civvy street and are more or less the equal, although as an ex-ME I'd say the ME branch covers a wider range of skills.
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  3. I have read on here that ME's have a tougher work schedule but i wouldn't mind working hars
  4. ME's do have a much tougher work schedule, and I'm not just saying that because I was one.

    Boats, being steam driven, are manhour intensive when alongside for maintenance. Most ME's do far more duties than their WE counterparts, apart from the wreckers, which is why I was glad when I finally got a fwd draft as a wrecker.
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  5. Did you enjoy your time as an ME?
  6. Good days and bad days but on the whole, yes, every day was different and if you have a good group in the engine room it makes it more enjoyable.
  7. I'd caveat what WreckerL has said by saying that as a WE, if you're streamed SWS, your watchbill can be pretty horrendous at times. Due to serious manning issues in the branch it is not unheard of two be in a 1 in 2 watchbill alongside.

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  8. Thanks guys i think i am going to go for ME also what happens if one guy on a boat ends up being an ass**** and you're stuck with him for the deployment?
  9. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You've answered your own question. Its the same where ever you work. Shouldn't be too bad though, Wrecks has retired!.
  10. Bitch!!
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  11. As a WE you will have to learn to work in the dark, back afties do it with the lights on.
    Both I believe, if you stay long enough and get selected for the training can take you up to degree standard in your chosen engineering branch
  12. Thanks guys also would i go to submarine school after basic training the navy website doesn't mention it for ME but it says WE's go to it for 4 months?
  13. ME's go to the nuclear school at Sultan. They don't go to the submarine school unless as an instructor/divisional staff but thats at Senior Rate level.
  14. Since my last reply i have put much thought into this and i have ultimately decided that i will go as a skimmer ME first then after a few years i will transfer to boats, thanks everyone who gave advice it was much appreciated
  15. Good luck with your chosen career
  16. Thanks
  17. ME, i've secured a job as a ME on subs, can't wait for HMS Faslane!
  18. May be Neptune?
  19. Good luck CRRW i might see you in a few years time
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  20. As Sumo says, it's HMS Neptune which is at Faslane, near Helensburgh ;)

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