Need advice re: RMR joining in 1-2 years.


Hello all, I posted the below on also but I want a breadth of responses and advice so I've found my way here too!

Right, a few questions for you all.

I'm 27 living in Barnsley with the Mrs and 8 month old boy. Currently I'm in the final year of my PhD (hence "TheDoc") and I'm hoping to do secondary science teaching after this. So another year of teacher training will take me to 2014 and 29 years old!

My questions are: is 29 too old for someone with very little forces experience? I did 1.5 years in Royal Logistics TA before uni but that was 10 years ago!

Also, teaching is a tough job - anyone here combine this with RMR or other reserves? How would the 2 week training courses fit in with a term-time only job? When do most of the 2-weekers run in the year?

Finally, given my academic background would officer training be on the cards after a while as a Marine? Obviously, I've missed the age limit for direct Officer entry (if there is one?). I reckon a spell as a Marine would make me a better Officer in the future, thoughts?

Some notes: I suppose I'm a bit of a science geek but I'm not what people often call "an eternal student". My fitness:

5k: 19:30
10k: 40:30
Half marathon: 1hr 30min
Marathon: 3hr 30min

Did Paras 10 P Company Challenge in 2011: finished in 1hr 43min with the 35lb bergen. Aiming for sub 1hr 40min this year.

Push ups: 60+ in 2 mins
Sit ups: 50+
Pull ups: 15+

Anyway, all advice and thoughts will be most appreciated.